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Could One Of These Guys Be Your Next Boss?

At Adzuna, we live, breathe and eat the world of jobs, and being a tech company, the startup world is one that sits pretty close to our hearts. When we were asked recently to name some of the most exciting bosses in the world of technology, we couldn’t resist getting our research hats on and Continued »

Social Media Tips for Jobseekers

The rise of social media has led to a fundamental change in the way employers recruit. Whereas in the past, job seekers made sure that they looked professional and presentable for interview, in the modern era job seekers must also take care to make sure their social profiles are equally as presentable. We think having Continued »

Hard evidence in favour of soft skills

Boasting the very best work experience and a wealth of technical skills on your CV is of course something we all aspire to, but today’s employers are far more inclined to value soft skills, such as communication competence or team working expertise, than ever before.  British employers are more than 10 times as likely to Continued »

The Low Down on Social Media in Job Hunting

If you haven’t noticed the Social Media explosion over the past years, then you must have been living under a rock.  Being the social butterfly that we are, Adzuna is already in on the social media d-low, and thought we’d share a few pearls of wisdom with you. Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook pretty much sit Continued »

Graduate competition intensifies – How are you managing?

It’s been a bit of a wobbly start to 2012 for the UK economy and the job market as a whole. Unemployment among 18-25 year olds is the highest it’s been for decades and industry mutterings such as “graduates without existing work experience have little or no chance of receiving a job offer in an organization’s graduate Continued »

Can’t get a job? Clean up your Facebook profile

Employers are increasingly using Facebook and other social networking sites to ‘vet’ candidates as well as check up on existing staff.  In fact they are being advised to by business magazines, and being sold software that helps them do it.  Some might think this is unfair or even claim it’s illegal, but it’s becoming a Continued »

Recruitment through social media doesn’t work

It seems that recruiters have cut back and even given up on trying to recruit job candidates via Twitter and other social networks. Unless you are a sexy company like Apple, people simply don’t come and find you this way. Research from Jobsite found that from 2008 to 2010 usage of social media as a Continued »