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UK tech companies hiring at record levels post-pandemic

Every few months our sister site Work in Startups takes an in-depth look at what’s happening with hiring in the world of start-ups and scale-ups. These are some of the most exciting workplaces in the UK and it’s brilliant to see both unicorns and smaller companies hiring at pace. The latest research found that the Continued »

Adzuna Job Market Report – September 2017

Latest Labour Market Statistics Show Total advertised Vacancies Rise 7.2% Year-on-Year Are you a journalist looking for jobs data? We’d be happy to help – get in touch with us! The ongoing search for talented employees has boosted the total UK advertised vacancies by 7.2% in the year to August 2017, according to the latest job Continued »

10 Female Bosses You’d Love To Work For

You know our world at Adzuna basically revolves around jobs, don’t you? And being the tech aficionados that we are, we’ve made it our mission to keep you guys informed on the who’s-who of the tech industry. We were recently asked to name some of the young female bosses who are taking the tech industry by storm Continued »

Could One Of These Guys Be Your Next Boss?

At Adzuna, we live, breathe and eat the world of jobs, and being a tech company, the startup world is one that sits pretty close to our hearts. When we were asked recently to name some of the most exciting bosses in the world of technology, we couldn’t resist getting our research hats on and Continued »

The Life of Apple Founder Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs led an extraordinary life. A new film starring directed by Danny Boyle and starring Michael Fassbender, Kate Winslet and Seth Rogen has recently been released both in the US and the UK. The film based on the biography by Walter Isaacson charts Jobs rise, fall and rise again as he builds Apple, loses Continued »

Great at gaming? Learn how to start a career in video games

Welcome to Guest Post Friday, where today’s words of wisdom come from John Baker at Zazzle, as he weighs up the career options for games enthusiasts: Long-time players will remember video games taking 15 minutes to load on a flickering screen, literally screeching data from a crude device called a tape into the machine. Blocky, simplistic graphics, poor Continued »

Investor Insights Part I – Robert Dighero

Having already attracted, and worked with, some of Europe’s hottest VC investors, we are pretty excited to be opening opportunities to invest to you guys, our lovely public. With over £1,000,000 already in the bag and 238 new investors on board, we are excited to see how the last few weeks of our funding period look. As we Continued »

Southern surplus of tech jobs

As the home for many large tech companies; London and the South East are creating the majority of jobs, with more than half (51%) of tech jobs advertised in the capital, and 14% in the surrounding areas. North West and Eastern England are the next largest job creators, at 7% and 6% respectively – followed Continued »

Hard evidence in favour of soft skills

Boasting the very best work experience and a wealth of technical skills on your CV is of course something we all aspire to, but today’s employers are far more inclined to value soft skills, such as communication competence or team working expertise, than ever before.  British employers are more than 10 times as likely to Continued »