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6 ways to reduce job search stress

Does job hunting stress you out? If your answer is yes, you’re not alone. The global pandemic, Covid fatigue, and burnout have created the perfect storm for stress levels. For jobseekers, this anxiety is compounded by the wider economic climate: be that worries over finances; lack of opportunities; wider political uncertainty; or the pressure of the Continued »

The most LGBTQ+ inclusive cities, regions & sectors

For Pride Month, our resident Adzuna data gurus analysed nearly 9.7 million job vacancies across 10 different countries that host major Pride parades to reveal the cities and countries most inclusive for the LGBTQ+ community. We looked at the number of job ads proactively containing inclusive language welcoming jobseekers of all sexual orientations to apply Continued »

Seven steps for building an inclusive company culture

It’s well known that a diverse workforce is a successful workforce, with diverse management teams proven to be more innovative. But the ‘I’ – inclusion –  in DE&I is often forgotten and is equally important. Having an inclusive working environment is at the core of attracting a diverse talent pool,  retaining that talent, and ultimately Continued »

Employers look for jobseekers with leadership skills for 2021

  As we head into 2021, many industries are still working largely remotely with Covid-19 having dramatically changed the world of work. The hiring landscape shifted over 2020 with a different set of skills needed for 2021. If you’re applying for jobs at the moment, you should this in bear in mind. Luckily for you, we’ve done Continued »

10 tips to create a compelling cover letter

It is no secret that a cover letter is one of the most crucial ingredients when it comes to applying for a job. It needs to be creative, compelling and concise – but HOW we hear you asking. How do you wow the hiring manager and convince them that they have to meet you in person Continued »

How To Deal With Professional Jealousy After Graduation

There’s nothing more soul-destroying than having to congratulate someone when you just don’t mean it. As a graduate, you unfortunately have to do this a lot. You have to congratulate friends and university classmates on finding the job of their dreams as you burn with envy from the inside out. When they’re starting their careers, you’re Continued »

The Simple CV Tip That Can Help You Earn More Money

Do you insist on people calling you by your full name or do you encourage colleagues to keep it casual and call you by a nickname? Your choice could be worth thousands of pounds… Last month we looked at a batch of CVs that had been uploaded to ValueMyCV to see which names were worth the most Continued »

7 ways to show you’re ready for a promotion

You’ve been in the same position at work for some time now, and you are ready to take on some more responsibility. But how do you convince your boss that it’s time to give you your well deserved promotion? To grab your career by the horns, here are seven ways to shine and show you’re Continued »