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The 10 glummest faces ever seen on the Tube

We’ve all been there …. after a bad night’s sleep, you drag your sorry self out of bed, only to realise that you’re late. It’s a Monday and winter’s rapidly approaching and you leave the house to enter into a grey, damp, miserable world. You finally wait for a crammed train to arrive, only to squeeze in to the nightmare that is rush hour commuting.

On average we waste five weeks a year commuting, so it’s little wonder that tempers can flare and frowns appear. Do you you often feel like this in the morning? If so, maybe you need a new job to turn those frowns upside down. In the meantime, here’s a look at 10 of the glummest faces ever spotted on the Tube to make you feel that little bit better.


Flickr (DeHoll)

Going bald ain’t easy. But covering your head with a tea-cosy doesn’t help.


Flickr (Gary 8345)

What you lookin’ at?


Tumblr – Peopleonthetube (hola_mundito)

Colin Firth gives the death stare.


Flickr Gary 8345

“I don’t belieeeve it!”


Flickr Gary 8345

Maybe it the upholstery he’s unhappy with.


Tumblr – Peopleonthetube (Blonde_m)

Bad hair day.  Every day.


Flickr (user snuroo)

Don’t mess with me. I’m the Grinch.


Flickr Gary 8345

Puked all over my shoes.  Again.


Flickr Gary 8345

I really fancy you.


On yer bike Boris!