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The 13 spookiest jobs hiring over 2,000 staff

Halloween lovers are in for a (trick or) treat this year, with over 2,700 creepy job openings currently on offer across the UK in October 2021. We took a look at the 1.2 million+ jobs currently available on Adzuna to reveal the 13 spookiest jobs hiring this Halloween and what they pay.


13. Psychic

Those with psychic abilities like tarot card readers, telepaths or clairvoyants can command rates of up to £80 per hour, with established psychics charging between £30 and £40 for a half hour reading. By comparison, average advertised UK salaries sat at just £33,340 in September, according to our latest labour market data.

12. Funeral Director

Advertised salaries for Funeral Directors average just £23,695, showing not all spooky jobs come with a big pay packet. There are currently 114 vacancies for Funeral Directors (otherwise known as undertakers or morticians) on our site.

11. Prison Correction Officer

There are 158 roles on offer for Prison Correction Officers, responsible for the custody, care and supervision of prisoners across the UK. Prison Correction Officers typically make just £21,116, despite the risks involved in working with offenders.

10. Slaughterer

Despite the gruesome abattoir surroundings, advertised salaries for animal slaughterers average just £24,218, with 143 open roles currently available on our site.

9. Hazardous Waste Technician

The second top hiring Halloween job is for Hazardous Waste Technicians, with 529 openings on offer. Workers in this field must clear and dispose of dangerous waste, including potentially infectious bodily fluids and radioactive materials, and can expect average advertised salaries of £29,724 in return.

8. Crime Scene Cleaner

This spooky job does what it says on the tin. Crime Scene Cleaners are charged with removing the mess left by a crime after investigators have done their work. Advertised salaries average £23,163 with 34 open positions currently available on our site.

7. Bomb Disposal Expert

Those with a steady nerve may wish to consider the role of Bomb Disposal Expert. One route into this field is through the British Army, with specialist training on ammunition and explosives on offer. Bomb Disposal Experts are paid upwards of £28,000 with salaries increasing with experience. We currently have 3 open roles on our site. 

6. Embalmer

Embalmers take charge of preparing corpses for funerals. Workers in this field need to be happy getting close to cadavers – embalmers must clean and arrange corpses, removing any surface blood, injecting embalming fluid into the body and dressing the corpse with make-up. We currently have 2 openings for embalmers on our site, with average advertised salaries of £28,334.

5. Field Ecologist

If critters don’t give you the creeps, a role as a Field Ecologist could be for you. Field Ecologists survey sites and habitats to help preserve and protect particular species, ecosystems and the environment. This often involves specialised work studying populations of spooky species like Bats and Reptiles. Work can often be at antisocial hours. We currently have 464 roles for Field Ecologists paying an average of £34,971. You can also view salary trends for Ecologist roles here.

4. Phlebotomist

There are currently 722 openings for Phlebotomists, making this the top hiring Halloween job, for the second year in a row. Not for the squeamish, this role is for experts in drawing blood, with advertised salaries averaging £41,775.

3. Coroner

Coroners are some of the best paid professionals on our Halloween hit list. Charged with investigating sudden or unexplained deaths, a coroner’s responsibilities include determining the cause and time of death and identifing bodies. Average salaries can range from between £85,000 and £115,000, and wannabe coroners must start with a stint as an assistant coroner. Legal know-how is required, with most roles asking for a minimum of 5 years’ experience as a solicitor or barrister, or other relevant legal experience. We currently have 7 roles available within coroners’ offices, including roles for assistants, administrators, and support workers. 

2. Forensic Psychologist

If you’re a Silence of The Lambs fan and the idea of getting inside the mind of criminals makes your spine-tingle, a job as a Forensic Psychologist might appeal.

Roles for Forensic Psychologists, who use psychological training to profile criminals – like in the TV series Criminal Mind – pay an average of £41,996. At the time of writing, there are 109 roles available on our site. You can see more forensic jobs here.

1. Epidemiologist

Jobseekers trained in creepy subjects like disease outbreaks can expect to earn top dollar. Epidemiologists, scientists who study infectious diseases like ebola, can expect average salaries of £55,826, with 456 jobs currently available.


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