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The Adzuna API: Opening up our data to all!

At, we love finding new ways of using our data and real-time job market stats to help people make better decisions. Whether it’s an individual looking for their next career move, a family trying to figure out where to move next or the government looking for insights into how to spend more effectively across the country, data is our bread and butter.

That’s why we’ve taken the decision to open up our own data to the world via an API. We hope opening up our data treasure trove will in turn inspire others to build empowering job seeking tools, ultimately helping people across Britain make better decisions, about where they work and where they live.

You can get free access to the API here –

In a nutshell, the Adzuna API enables anyone to access our vacancy and salary statistics in real time. The tool brings together real-time job listings, whole-of-market salary trends, pay comparisons, vacancy distribution, company hiring patterns and lots more. The data has already attracted some well-known users, with the British Government and several large media companies already accessing Adzuna’s stats to gain insight on the UK employment market.

Adzuna’s data, which has now been made widely available free of charge, has already attracted some well-known users, with the Prime Minister David Cameron already able to access Adzuna insights on the UK employment market via his iPad.

With this new technology, Adzuna enables developers to build mobile apps, map mashups, clever salary tools using Adzuna’s unique “Jobsworth” pay predictor and much, much more.  The API is currently available to developers globally wishing to build apps using data from the UK, Germany, Australia, Canada, South Africa and Brazil, with more markets to come in 2014.

What, precisely, does all this look like, we hear you cry. Here’s a few examples of how we use the mass of data at our finger tips to visualise salary trends across different sectors in the UK:

Graduate Job Statistics                                  Journalist Job Statistics

Software Developer Statistics                       Engineering Job Statistics

Accounting & Finance Statistics                    Marketing Job Statistics

Got a great idea for a creative use of Adzuna data? Drop us a line  here – we would love to hear from you!