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The best (and worst) cities to find a job in the UK

With the release today of the latest ONS claimant count statistics for Jobseeker’s Allowance showing unemployment on the rise, Adzuna has carried out its own analysis on the best and worst cities to find a job in the UK.

The results show a huge variation in prospects for job seekers across the country.  Hull is the worst city in the UK to find a job with 45 job seekers per vacancy, while Cambridge is the best at a mere 1.3.  Here’s our infographic plotting the best and worst cities:

There’s a scary if not entirely surprising north-south divide.  Six of the worst ten places to find a job are in the north – and only one, Southend, in the south of England.  The employment hotspots are dominated by London and the south, with towns like Oxford, Reading, Guildford and Bristol all scoring well.  Aberdeen stands out as an exceptional bright spot in Scotland, because of the continued strength of the energy industry up there.

How did we get to these figures?  We compared the claimant count for each city from the government data (an official measure of unemployment) as of the end of July with the number of current vacancies in our comprehensive search index for that city.  Adzuna lists nearly 400,000 live vacancies and aims to include every job ad in the market.

In summary – with unemployment heading north, we reckon jobseekers should head south – and of course, head to Adzuna to bolster their job search.