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The Free CV Review with a Difference

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Ever get the feeling you’re undervalued in the job you do?  We can empathise.  Most of us will, at some point, suspect we’re being underpaid for the amount we do.  If you’ve ever wondered just how much your skills and experience are really worth to your employer, you’ve now got the chance to find out thanks to Adzuna’s handy ValueMyCV tool.

CV review tools are not all created equal, and Adzuna’s is almost certainly the most advanced you’ll find on any job search site.  Adzuna’s CV valuation tool is so much more than a simple calculator.  We’ve evaluated more than 50,000 CVs and created some of the most advanced algorithms, designed to decipher extremely complex data in order to give you the most accurate results.

When you know the market value of the skills and experience you can bring to an employer, you gain the upper hand in negotiating a raise or haggling over a starting salary.

Run your resumé through this nifty evaluation device and you’ll not only find out how much you should be earning, but get advice on a whole range of things you could do to boost the potential of your CV.  If you’re still in doubt, here are just a few reasons why ValueMyCV is a CV review with a difference…

  • Know Your Market Value – The first thing ValueMyCV does is, of course, value your CV.  Simply upload your resumé and it will pick up on all the keywords and dates to give you a market value, so you know exactly how much your skillset and experience are worth to an employer.
  • It Instantly Spots Gaps in Your CV – If there are gaps in your CV, it will let you know about them.  Most employers will run your CV through their own software checks which will pick up on any holes, so make sure you use ValueMyCV to identify and plug them before you smit your resumé.
  • It Checks Your CV is Machine-Readable – Again, when prospective employers run your CV through their own computer programmes, it needs to tick all the computer’s boxes.  ValueMyCV will check it’s formatted correctly so that the (not so bright) computer can pick out all the key information.
  • It Spots Spelling Mistakes – Did you know that a third of CVs contain at least one spelling mistake?  They’re a big turn-off for employers.  Make sure your CV isn’t one of the one in three…
  • It Tells You Where You Need to Brush up Your Skills – Smart!  ValueMyCV knows which keywords are valued in your industry, so if you’ve forgotten to mention them or they’re skills you could build on, it will let you know.  Mentioning them could up the value of your CV.
  • It Pairs You With Current Vacancies – Fancy staying friends with ValueMyCV?  You can set up job alerts and it will ping you every time something suitable comes up, so you can be straight in there with your application.

With so many additional perks to ValueMyCV, what are you waiting for?  This is no run-of-the-mill CV review, so pop your CV in now and get it polished to perfection before you start the hunt for your new job with Adzuna!