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Top 5 Cities for Employment Outside of London

As London’s property market continues to inflate rent and living costs, it is hardly surprising that people are looking elsewhere to find employment and settle down. Here at Adzuna, we’ve put together a report on which areas outside of London have the highest number of job vacancies, for those considering resettling.

If you already live outside the capital, or are looking to move away, this report should give an insight into which areas in the UK have a particularly vibrant job market. We hope this will provide some guidance in the most important step in relocation: finding employment.

Having collated the results, it is clear to see that Manchester was by far the largest job market with 29,436 vacancies. Bristol, Birmingham and Leeds all also had very sizeable job markets – all repeatedly in the top 5 cities and towns for vacancies across a variety of sectors.

City Jobs Available % of Jobs
Manchester 29,436 31.60%
Bristol 18,930 20.30%
Birmingham 17,875 19.20%
Leeds 17,539 18.80%
Reading 9,446 10.10%

We have also broken the nationwide vacancies down into the 5 largest employment sectors: Trade & Construction, Teaching, Engineering, IT and Accounting & Finance. Manchester continued to dominate the job market – leading the rest of the country in numbers of vacancies in every sector. For those in the South, Bristol also had a particularly large number of vacancies – coming second in each sector apart from Teaching. Further North, Birmingham and Leeds also consistently had large numbers of vacancies across the 5 sectors.