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ValueMyCV Is Now Better Than Ever

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When ValueMyCV was launched in early 2015 we hoped it would take the guesswork out of negotiating starting salaries, that it would provide the confidence workers needed to ask their boss for a pay rise, and that it would help job seekers land their dream job by making sure their CV was in tip-top shape.

From the feedback we’ve had we’re confident the tool is doing just that – but we’re not resting on our laurels (even if the original tool was called a “remarkably genius technology“) – so we’ve been working hard to make the tool’s salary estimator even more accurate.

“Job search engine Adzuna has come up with a better way to negotiate, with a new tool that filters through the site’s mountain of data to give you an estimate of how much you should be making based on your skills and experience.” Business Insider

But ValueMyCV has always been more than just estimating your salary. Its CV booster function can improve the quality of your CV, giving you a greater chance of impressing the hiring manager and landing an interview. So how could we help make CVs even better?

From finding out that 1 in 3 CVs containing a spelling a mistake we knew this was an area where job seekers needed help, so we’ve integrated our own spellchecker to the tool. Read more about the updates to ValueMyCV below and then why not find out what you’re worth?

“The tool also tests the quality of your CV and gives a percentage of how high it scores, as well as advice on how to improve it.” Stylist

New spellcheck feature

Adzuna has added a proprietary CV spellchecker to their existing 9-point CV checks.

One of the big challenges with spell-checking CVs is false positives. This means that standard spelling checkers built into applications like Microsoft Word will incorrectly flag spelling mistakes for company names, acronyms and words within addresses.

Adzuna’s CV spellchecker has been designed specifically for CVs and cross-references a number of data sources to avoid false positives. The spellchecker also informs candidates when they have used certain US English spellings (such as ‘organization’ instead of ‘organisation’). Based on a sample of 2000 CVs, an average of 2 high-risk and 3 low-risk spelling mistakes were identified per CV.

Accuracy improvements

We’ve also improved the accuracy of salary estimates. While the original tool looked at over 100 data points it now analyses even more detail from users’ CVs. These additional data points, combined with integrating additional job market intelligence from Adzuna’s comprehensive real-time database of job adverts (currently there are over 1m live UK job adverts on Adzuna), mean that approximately 85% of salary estimates are within +/-20% of the market value.

The majority of cases outside this range are caused by candidates formatting their CV in ways which are hard for computers to automatically parse.

James Neave, Head of Data Science, explains “One of the many applications of ValueMyCV is letting you check whether your CV can be parsed correctly. This is key because most applicants don’t realise that their CV is likely to be inspected by a computer in the first instance – not by a human”.

Adzuna has published an online guide and infographic to help candidates make sure their CV can be automatically parsed.

If you haven’t given the tool a try yet what are you waiting for? ValueMyCV is available on Adzuna’s websites in the UK, Australia and Germany.