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Want to become a driver? Driver jobs that pay well

Wanting to become a driver? You have probably been left pretty confused by all of the different roles available. What is a driver’s mate? Or what is the difference between tramping and trunking? At Adzuna, we have taken a look at the most in-demand driving roles in the UK and have put together a list of what each role entails. 


Vehicle collection delivery driver

Average annual salary: £18,498

The role of vehicle collection delivery driver is the most sought-after driving role in the UK. For this role, drivers must collect, inspect, and deliver vehicles across the country. 

A full driving licence is required for this role, with some roles requiring applicants to be over the age of 21. 

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Tanker driver

Average annual salary: £38,028

The next most popular driving job is tanker driver. This role is one of the highest-paid, but what does it involve?

Tanker drivers transport gasses or liquids in small or large trucks. They typically drive long distances. The reason for the high salary achieved by tanker drivers is due to the high risk associated with the transported goods. 

This role requires a driving licence that includes LGV for lorries, or PCV for buses depending on the specific job. Applicants also require between one and two years of experience driving lorries and have a Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC). You may also need an ADR driver training certificate if you deal with hazardous materials. The full list of requirements and skills can be found here.

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Tractor driver

Average annual salary: £27,874

The third most sought-after driving job is tractor driver. These types of drivers are responsible for operating tractors, as well as the maintenance of the vehicles.

Depending on the role, tractor drivers may need a category F licence or a goods vehicle licence. A full explanation of the requirements needed to become a tractor driver can be found here.  

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Driver’s mate

Average annual salary: £20,595

You may have seen roles available for driver’s mates, but what does the role actually involve? Driver’s mates travel with the drivers of LGVs and other vehicles to help load and unload vehicles. 

Driver’s mates tend to learn on the job, meaning that there is no real experience required. However, most driver’s mate roles require good levels of general fitness and stamina. For other requirements, check out this website

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Service driver

Average annual salary: £22,649

The next most popular driving job is service driver. These types of drivers pack, load, and unload delivery vans and trucks. 

For this role, a clean driving licence is needed, as well as good customer service skills. 

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Cargo vehicle night driver

Average annual salary: £36,849

The sixth most popular driving job is cargo vehicle night driver. The role is well paid due to the unsociable hours worked. Cargo vehicle night drivers are responsible for driving vehicles that transport cargo. They are also tasked with loading and unloading cargo. 

For this role, you will need a clean driving license. 


Recovery driver

Average annual salary: £30,234

Next on the list of most sought-after driving jobs is recovery driver. These types of drivers earn over £30,000, making it fairly lucrative for a driving job. What does it involve? Recovery drivers are used to discover problems with broken-down vehicles. As well as this, they transport the damaged vehicles to garages for repairs.

Recovery drivers need a valid C licence as well as drivers CPC and a digital drivers card. A description of the job and its requirements can be found here.

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Driving instructor

Average annual salary: £31,700

The next most popular driving job is driving instructor. The role of driving instructors involves teaching students about traffic rules and safety procedures, and most importantly teaching them how to drive. 

The role frequently involves teaching at weekends and during evenings.

You will need to be over the age of 21, as well as have a full UK or EU driving licence, held for at least 3 years. Driving instructors must also pass motoring conviction checks and enhanced background checks. If you are interested in becoming a driving instructor, the full list of requirements can be found here

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Multidrop driver

Average annual salary: £27,398

Multidrop drivers also feature in the top 10 most popular driving jobs. The role involves delivering parcels to several customers on the same route using one vehicle. 

For this role, you will normally need some GCSEs (especially English and Maths). As well as this, you will need a full driving licence. Full requirements and skills needed can be found here

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Train driver

Average annual salary: £25,294

Taking the final spot on the list of most popular driving roles is train driver. The main duties of a train driver include ensuring the train is in good working order and driving the train safely.

Normally, applicants will need GCSEs A*-C/9-4. You will also need to be over the age of 20 and live within an hour of the depot you are applying for. Additionally, applicants will need to pass enhanced background and medical checks. The full list of requirements can be found here.

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Other driving roles explained

Whilst looking for a job in driving, you may have seen mentions of tramping and trunking, but what’s the difference? Tramping is driving long distances, such as across Europe. Trunking is driving regular routes, without the requirement of staying overnight. However, drivers who do spend nights away from home are entitled to extra money, which is free of tax and national insurance. 

Table 1: The most sought-after driving jobs in the UK

 Job titleAverage clicks/adAverage advertised salary
1Vehicle Collection Delivery Driver6.53£18,498
2Tanker Driver3.8£38,028
3Tractor Driver3.2£27,874
4Driver's Mate2.31£20,421
5Service Driver2.21£22,649
6Cargo Vehicle Night Driver1.83£36,849
7Recovery Driver1.77£30,234
8Driving Instructor1.64£31,700
9Multidrop Driver1.62£27,398
10Train Driver1.61£25,294
11Lorry Driver1.61£27,550
12Delivery Driver1.57£25,470
13Minibus Driver1.47£23,838
14Machine Driver1.42£35,400
15Bus Driver1.38£31,843
16Trunk Driver1.32£33,244


This list brings together the most sought-after driving jobs in the UK currently. It is important to note that some roles require specific driving licences so make sure to check the job specifications before applying. With shortages in drivers being seen across the country, there are huge numbers of driving vacancies available, sometimes with higher pay packets being seen. 


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