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What Britain Earns (And How Adzuna Can Help You Earn More)

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Tomorrow night Mary Portas takes to Channel 4 to find out What Britain Earns. On the show Portas “lifts the lid on the nation’s salaries”, uncovering the PM’s pay-packet, footballers’ weekly wages and vicars’ take-home pay.

While the show might be entertaining, it isn’t going to help you earn any more personally (unless it inspires you to finally unleash that hidden talent and finally become a world-class striker).

But knowing what Britain earns COULD help you earn more – if you know enough that is.

The good news is we do know enough; we’ve got a lot of data about the jobs market.

The even better news is, we’re giving you that data for free, so you can make better decisions about your next career move.

About Adzuna’s Data

The data we’re giving you is the same data that powers our monthly job reports. These reports give a comprehensive overview of the UK jobs market by tracking our live database of over 1 million job vacancies, allowing us to reveal the changing salary and vacancy trends across the country, as well as what’s happening in different sectors. How reliable is this data? Reliable enough that it’s been used to power the  Number 10 dashboard used by the PM.

Is a longer commute worth the bigger salary?

While our monthly job reports give an excellent view of the broader jobs market, what it doesn’t do so well is tell you what the average starting salary for accountants in Sheffield is (it’s currently £29,709 out of interest). Or how that salary has changed over the past 12 months (it’s down by 7%). Or where in the country you could earn more doing the same job (Hull, Leeds and Wakefield pay the most in Yorkshire and the Humberside).

All this data is free for anyone to find on our brand new stats pages. And when we say free we mean free: you don’t need to sign up or tell us how much you’re earning to see these stats, and you can look at as many stats page as your heart desires.


Finding Salary Stats

While we’re still furiously busy building a hub to help you easily find these information-packed pages, as well as exciting tools that will easily allow you to compare salaries for different jobs in different locations. But for now you can find salary data on jobs in two easy steps:

Step 1) Search for the job title and/or place that you want stats for as if you were searching for jobs, either from our homepage or the search bar at the top of our regular job result pages.


Step 2) If we have enough data you’ll see the number of vacancies and the average salary for your search term, along with a ‘See More Stats’ button. Clicking it will take you to its stat page, where you can find lots more free data.



Whether you’re wondering what solicitors in London earnhow much a data analyst in Birmingham makes or what you can expect your salary as a teacher in Liverpool to be we’ve got you covered.

Find out what you should be earning

And of course, all this extensive salary data we have also means we can give you a great idea of you what you should be earning based on your skills, experience and education. So if you’ve gained experience, learned new skills or taken on additional responsibilities why not update your CV and upload it to ValueMyCV to find out if you’re due a pay rise?