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What Do Millennials Want In The Workplace?

Employers should be emphasising their existing green credentials and charitable ways in order to attract more applicants, according to a study by Adzuna. 

The Guardian has reported that almost 50% of the UK workforce wants to work for companies that have a positive impact on the world and a study from PWC found that, among millennials, this number could rise to over 80% during times of economic certainty.

These studies also suggest that employees will work harder if their company is benefitting society and that they believe that work which helps others is more important than a high salary.

However, here at Adzuna HQ we searched through our database of over a million live vacancies and spotted that less than 0.5% of job ads explicitly mention the company’s positive social values.

To find out how many employers highlighted their commitment to a range of social responsibilities in their job ads, we analysed the appearance of dozens of key phrases across over a million live job vacancies being advertised across the UK.

Volunteering or free beer?

Positive values that can be marketed as perks, such as ‘charity days’ or ‘volunteer days’ (940 combined) proved more popular in ads than green phrases such as ‘environmentally friendly’ (359), ‘environmental sustainability’ (332) or ‘carbon neutral’ (48).

With almost 1000 jobs ads mentioning offering employees free beer, a comparable number to those offering charity days, we can see that employers don’t realise what potential employees really want to hear about.

Selected social value phrases, and number of ads mentioning them


Corporate Social Responsibility 583
Corporate Responsibility 1725
Socially Responsible 1298
Responsible Company 942
Ethical Company 322
Fundraising Events 758
Charity Days 611
Volunteer Days 329
Carbon Neutral 48
Carbon Offset 25
Environmentally Friendly 359
Environmental Sustainability 332

Make your values integral to your company

Around 99% of job ads do not say anything about the company’s positive social values, so many employers could be missing a way to appeal to jobseekers. We suggest including it in the description of your company. This way you also convey that these values are integral to your business.

Becky Harkins, our head of PR, has this to say: “Employers are doing themselves a disservice by sticking to business as usual when recruiting, and not talking up their social values. Many candidates are attracted to companies that care about more than the bottom line – a clear idea of the company’s position on these issues could be just as important as an appealing job description.”

So employers, bear this in mind when posting your next job ad.