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Where have the jobs gone? A regional breakdown of the coronavirus crisis in jobs

The UK job market has lost over half a million vacancies, as it has fallen below 400,000 for the first time since Adzuna started tracking data back in 2011. This fall has had a disproportionate effect on certain sectors and industries, with Hospitality & Catering and Travel among the most negatively affected (for more information on these sectors, review our whitepaper). 

But is there a similar picture across different regions of the UK, or is the fall more uniform.While there is a bit of difference, the picture is a lot closer to a uniform fall. Every region has lost between 50% and 63% of its job vacancies since March 9th 2020, meaning no corner of the country has escaped the effects of coronavirus.

At the bottom of the pile is London which has lost around 63% of its vacancies, representing around 125,000 jobs. At the opposite end of the scale is the Northern Ireland which has lost just over 50% of its vacancies, representing around 2,800 jobs. 

The only other regions to have lost less than 60% of their jobs  are North East England and the East of England. London has also lost the largest number of jobs in absolute terms, and now has 73,000 jobs live from a high of nearly 200,000. The South East of England has lost over 100,000 jobs as well, representing losses of 62%

With the exception of Northern Ireland and North East England, it’s a very uniform picture. Scotland lost jobs quickly but has leveled out, whereas London has lost around 10% of its pre-crisis volumes in the last two weeks. 

Declines in vacancies since March 9th – Regional Heatmap