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Who will be crowned 2012 Graduate of the Year… you decide!

Over the last month we’ve been accepting applications to our Graduate of the Year 2012 competition and we’ve been overwhelmed by the impressive calibre of applicants from every facet of university life; from academics to sporting champions, from scientists to entrepreneurs. Now it’s your chance to help us pick the most impressive grad (who by the way will be awarded a cash prize, a juicy London internship and loads more!). Without further ado, meet our 5 brilliant finalists:

Name: Leo Anthias
Age: 22 years old
University: University of St Andrews
Category: Entrepreneur
Superpowers: He can build an incredible barbecue out of bricks, he is scared of sharks and aspires to run a successful start-up and believes he can unite the traditional past of the existing mercantile industry into something new, unique and successful.
One Liner: Leo is the unusual mix of an entrepreneurial techie and professional wine-taster: whilst studying English & Modern History at St Andrews he built ‘Stiff Collar’, a vintage clothing company, and managed to win the title of best student wine taster in Scotland; next year, he’s jumping into the London tech scene and starting a company through the prestigious Number 10-backed Entrepreneur First scheme.

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Name: Carla Johnston
Age: 23 years old
University: Norwich University College of the Arts
Category: Creative Arts
Superpowers: Carla is very driven individual with a weird sense of humour. She loves bright colours and is an avid video gamer. Carla is the first member of my family to graduate from university and aspires to make her own indie games company, to be a successful business woman, and expand into the developing app market.
One Liner: “The only thing louder than my mouth, is my art style!”

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Name: Peter Weller
Age: 22 years old
University: Aberystwyth University
Category: Academic
Superpowers: Peter has overcome the challenge of being 80-90% deaf since he was 3. More importantly he is a very talented software developer, known for being nothing short of outstanding even though he once tried to be a matador to a moving car (unsurprisingly he lost!). He bagged Google Europe Scholarship for Students with Disabilities for the academic year starting in 2011 and landed 1 out of 16 available places at Extreme Blue; a summer placement at IBM.
One Liner: “Using technology to make the world a better place!”

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Name: Sophie Potter
Age: 22 years old
University: University of Warwick
Academic: Social
Superpowers: Sophie believes you are responsible for exposing yourself to as many experiences in life as possible made evident by the fact she completed a year abroad in Italy. Specific encounters out there with a feisty Italian landlord have inspired her to start her own business.  She believes ‘go-getters’ in life will learn more than you can from any lecture or text book which explains her attitude towards life and careers.
One Liner: “I am a highly-motivated, creative and adventurous undergraduate, heavily involved in the improvement of internationalisation and cultural integration at my university, who believes that giving to others is what will bring me happiness and success, and who is planning a career in social entrepreneurship in Europe.”

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Name: Oriance Lungu
University: University College London
Category: Sportsperson
Superpowers: Oriance describes herself as a dreamer but she has managed to make every dream a reality. She has managed to hold the role of treasurer of Imperial College Women’s Football Club, teach and compete in kickboxing and compete in her first boxing tournament while studying for her degree.
One Liner: Simply dreaming is not enough, it also takes hard work and discipline to achieve your dreams and I believe when my friends describe me as a ‘dreamer’ they actually mean ‘ambitious and driven’.

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Please show your support for the finalist you believe should be crowned Graduate of the Year. Get your family, friends, classmates and even your crazy neighbour down the road involved!  Voting close on the 30th June at midnight, so get your votes in now!