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Will Learning A New Skill Increase Your Salary?

Whether learnt on the job or on a training course, gaining new skills is one of the best ways to help you land a job with a higher salary – or to persuade your boss that you deserve a pay rise.

But how can you know just how much a new skill will really be worth in the job market? Simple: by using ValueMyCV.

A new feature in the latest version of this unique CV tool will help you understand the real value of a new skill in three simple steps.

1 – Upload Your CV

To start, upload an up to date version of your CV to ValueMyCV – you can even export your LinkedIn profile if you don’t have your CV to hand.

We’ll provide you an estimate of the salary you can expect by pulling information about skills, work experience, education and dozens of other data points from your CV.

Your valuation is informed by data from over 1 million CVs and 10 million job ads, so you can be confident that we’re within 10% of the value the majority of the time.


Step 2 – Add your new skills

To find out what you’d be worth with some added skills, click on the ‘Not Quite Right’ button.

On the pop up screen you’ll be given an option to change the information we’ve taken from your CV.

We’ll cover some of the other cool things you can do on this screen in a future post, but for now scroll to the bottom of the screen, where you’ll see a section on skills and languages.

Click in either of the windows and start typing your skill (or language). We’ll suggest skills from our database, which you can then select. If you’re thinking of taking a training course you’ll probably pick up more than one new skill – feel free to add them all.

Tip: If you can’t find the skill in our database try an alternative word – we’ll let you add skills we don’t recognise to help match you to your ideal job, but it won’t change your value.

ValueMyCV Skills Screenshot

Step 3

Click on ‘Get your value’ to see how much your updated CV is now valued at. Voila! You can now see what kind of pay-off learning a new skill will bring you.

Result not what you’d expect?

Adding an avalanche of skills won’t necessarily increase your value – especially if they’re unrelated to the positions you’ve held previously or don’t complement your existing skills in any way.

If you find that adding skills leaves your value flat – or perhaps even lowers your value – it’s probably a sign that your CV is bloated with older or lower-value skills that simply aren’t moving the dial on your career.

Cutting down on these irrelevant details may help you in your job hunt – employers aren’t interested in skills that have no bearing on the job they’re advertising. Keep focused on where you can differentiate yourself from other candidates, for example with valuable technical skills. If you think that isn’t the case and we’ve got the valuation wrong, please do get in touch with us.

What are you waiting for? Upload your CV today to find out how much your skills and experience are worth – and to find out how much some extra skills would be worth.