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Free Investment Banker CV Template

If you’re looking for a free and fully formatted Investment Banker CV template, and advice on which skills employers are looking for you’ve come to the right place!

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Your Free Investment Banker CV Template:

This is a text-only version of the CV. Download the CV template for a fully-formatted CV.

Always start with your name and essential contact details. Try to keep the CV to just one page; you don’t need to provide references until the employer asks for them.

Vice President, Mergers & Acquisitions
Goldbar Ltd., February 2016-present

  • Providing financial modelling and strategic advice to clients
  • Used communication skills to expand client base into Hong Kong

Associate, Mergers & Acquisitions
Silverman & Sons, October 2014-January 2016

  • Analyzed and developed financial models
  • Part of the team that closed the biggest merger in the bank’s history

Associate, Underwriting
Lewis, Clive and Jackson, June 2013-September 2014

  • Analyzed capital needs for clients in the construction industry
  • Developed important contacts for later roles in Mergers & Acquisitions

Analyst, Underwriting
Lewis, Clive and Jackson, July 2010-August 2011

  • Assisted in producing analysis and advice for clients


Do you have what it takes to be an investment banker?

Investment bankers essentially act as financial mediators, helping to analyze finances, raise capital, and find investors. They work with corporations, large institutions and even governments. Some organizations hire their own, internal investment bankers. Investment bankers also work in banks of all sizes, and specialized asset management firms.

The world of investment banking includes lots of specialisms. Some of the most common are mergers & acquisitions, underwriting, private equity and venture capital.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions: evaluating possible deals, and advising companies which want to buy or merge with others
  • Underwriting: analyzing clients’ needs and helping them find the best way to raise money
  • Private equity: trading stock which is not publicly listed; this involves working with high net worth individuals, as well as companies
  • Venture capital: spotting potentially successful new businesses and investing in them


The two most important characteristics for an investment banker are an analytical mind and excellent communication skills. For example, a banker organizing a merger between two businesses needs to have the facts and figures under control, while being charming to all the clients involved! You’ll also need a clear head under pressure, an ability to take calculated risks, and a work ethic that keeps you in the office past 5pm.


A good undergraduate degree is definitely required. Many investment bankers go on to take an MBA, either immediately after university or after a couple of years at work. There are also professional banking qualifications which can be taken while working, but these are less commonly used by investment bankers.


Salaries in investment banking can range quite a lot, depending on the organization you work for and the focus of your job. The average salary for a graduate investment banker is estimated at around £45,000, but some employers are offering more in order to attract the top talent. Wherever you start, salaries in finance tend to rise frequently and fast. You can find out how much your CV is worth by uploading it to ValueMyCV.

You’ll also see your job title change pretty regularly. Junior investment bankers are usually known as analysts; after a few years, or perhaps an MBA degree, they become associates. The next step up is Vice President, but don’t let the title confuse you – large banks might have hundreds of “Vice Presidents”.

Career Path

Many investment bankers have short careers, choosing to move on to something new after a few years. However, if you stick to the career path, you could find yourself earning millions as a managing director one day!

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