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Free Marketing Manager CV Template

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If you’re looking for a free and fully formatted Marketing Manager CV template, and advice on which skills employers are looking for you’ve come to the right place!

Download your free marketing manager CV template or find the full text below

Your Free Marketing Manager CV Template:

This is a text-only version of the CV. Download the CV template for a fully-formatted CV.

Always start with your name and essential contact details. Try to keep the CV to just one page; you don’t need to provide references until the employer asks for them.

Marketing Manager

The Small Coffee Co., February 2016-present

  • Planned and executed marketing strategy for a new start-up company
  • Coordinated work with Temblyn & Major advertising agency

Marketing Associate

Waterford Stationery, October 2014-January 2016

  • Identified target markets and set up product focus groups
  • Was responsible for monitoring social media performance

Marketing Intern

Waterford Stationery, June 2013-September 2014

  • Assessed new products to suggest pricing
  • Assisted in delivering focus groups


Master of Business Administration
University of Wessex, 2015-2017

Marketing Communications BA (Hons), 1st
Norfolkshire University, 2011-2014

Skills and Achievements:

Show off anything else that might interest a potential employer.

  • Fluent French speaker, after an Erasmus year spent studying in Paris
  • Proficient in HTML and CSS programming languages
  • Proficient in using Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and Twitter, and their analytics platforms
  • Completed workplace training in management skills and budgeting

Do you have what it takes to be a marketing manager?

A marketing manager’s job is to organise advertising and sales strategies for a product, service or brand. They may be responsible for other staff, as well as the creative and strategic aspects of the job.


The role of a marketing manager includes identifying target markets, approving advertising campaigns, talking to focus groups, managing staff, drafting budgets, supervising social media and setting product prices. Some people choose to specialise: for example, you might choose to specialise in marketing for music, or internet-based marketing. However, marketing managers have to be ready to use a range of media and represent a variety of products.


If you want to be a marketing manager, you need to be creative, organised, quick-thinking, and good at leading and communicating with people. Most marketing managers have a degree in a relevant subject such as Marketing, or an MBA, and they spend several years gaining experience before being promoted. It’s important to be computer literate, and familiar with all different kinds of social media.


The average salary of a marketing manager in the UK is advertised as around £37,000, depending on your experience and the size of the job. When you first become a manager, you could expect a salary from £25,000-30,000, but salaries can quickly rise to £45,000+.

Marketing is a booming industry, so there are plenty of jobs around, and salaries have recently been on the rise. There’s also room for advancement: marketing managers can go on to take more senior management positions, or become freelance consultants.

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