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Free Teaching Assistant CV Template

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If you’re looking for a free and fully formatted Teaching Assistant CV template, and advice on which skills employers are looking for you’ve come to the right place!

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Your Free Teaching Assistant CV Template:

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Always start with your name and essential contact details. Try to keep the CV to just one page; you don’t need to provide references until the employer asks for them.

Nursery assistant
Little Beans Nursery, December 2016-present

  • Working with children aged 1-4 years
  • Playing games, reading stories, supervising playground time
  • Assisting teachers in literacy and numeracy classes

Reading volunteer
Axesham Public Library, June 2016-present

  • Led weekly storytime for children up to the age of 12
  • Assisted local school in weekly fiction club for teenagers aged 13-18


Do you have what it takes to be a teaching assistant?

Teaching assistants work alongside teachers, providing general support in the classroom and specific assistance to students who might need a bit of extra help. Research has shown that effective teaching assistants can speed up a student’s educational progress by two to four months.

Daily Work

A teaching assistant’s daily work might include tasks like planning lessons, playground duty, preparing materials, marking homework, and helping students work on important skills. Some teaching assistants work within the classroom with a teacher, while others may have their own space for teaching. Teaching assistants also have to be ready to help or even lead the class in an emergency.

There are some varieties of specialist teaching assistants. Many teaching assistants focus on students with disabilities or special educational needs, but there are also assistants who offer a second language or focus on behavioural problems. It’s very common for teaching assistants to help students with essential skills like reading, maths, learning strategies or classroom behaviour.


If you want to be a teaching assistant, you will need lots of enthusiasm and patience. You have to have excellent communication skills, so that you can work effectively with other teachers and a broad variety of students. Being a creative person or having IT skills is very useful, as administrative work or creating displays is often part of a teaching assistant’s duties. Good skills in maths, reading and writing are very important.


You do not need special qualifications to be a teaching assistant. If you passed your GCSEs in Maths and English, have a clear criminal record, and have experience with children, that’s enough for many schools. However, there are qualifications available. Some people become teaching assistants through an apprenticeship scheme or vocational college course.


The national average salary for a teaching assistant is just over £19,000 according to advertised salaries. This number varies depending on how much experience you have and how many hours you work. Some teaching assistants work part-time: this means that you have more flexible hours, but a lower salary. You can find out how much your CV is worth by uploading it to ValueMyCV.

Some people take extra training and become Higher Level Teaching Assistants, with a higher salary, more responsibilities and more teaching time. (Please note that this role does not exist in Scotland). Others use their time as a teaching assistant to prepare for becoming a teacher. However, still others are happy to spend their career as a teaching assistant. It’s a highly rewarding job which makes a big difference to students’ wellbeing and success in the classroom.

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