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How ValueMyCV Can Help Your Job Search

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Whether you’ve just left school, are returning to work after an absence or are looking for a change of career, ValueMyCV can help you in your job search.

Crafting a brilliant CV is hard.  You’ve probably Googled advice and a fair few templates, then spent hours listing your experience and penning a blinding personal statement.  After all that effort, how do you know whether it’s any good?

There’s one quick, free and easy way to find out.

Stop tinkering with the font and spacing, because in under a minute you could have run your CV through Adzuna’s ValueMyCV tool and found out just how good it is. Here’s how ValueMyCV can help you in your job search:

  • It checks your CV is machine-readable – Your CV will probably be run through a clever computer programme first, so it’s got to tick all the computer’s favourite boxes. Follow these tips for more info.
  • It checks you aren’t missing something – Gaps in your CV? This will spot them.  And since one in three CVs contains that ultimate no-no, a spelling mistake, this will also stick a red flag on these as well.
  • It gives you a market value – ValueMyCV will give you a useful little price tag based on the value of your skills and experience. While that doesn’t mean you’re limited to applying for roles within that salary bracket, it can be handy to know where you realistically sit. Some of us sell ourselves short and are turned down because we’re actually over-qualified – this should be a nice little confidence boost if you’re in that camp.
  • It’s great for people about to make a big career leap – The jobs market changes quickly. You can easily lose touch with how much skills are worth if you’ve been out of work a long time, perhaps raising young children. Same goes if you’ve been in the same role for decades and suddenly want a career change.  This is a good way to find out what your skills are worth now.
  • It tells you if you’re missing keywords or key skills – Worth more than the value you’ve been given? It probably means you’ve missed out some key skills or keywords. Try adding a bit more info and see if that improves your price tag.
  • It pairs you with suitable vacancies – Once it’s got to know you better, ValueMyCV will match you up with the most suitable vacancies. That saves you the bother of wading through pages of unsuitable job ads.
  • It can set you up with new job alerts – If you’ve decided you get on quite well with ValueMyCV and want to remain friends, it can send you regular alerts when suitable roles come online. Once you land your dream job you can turn alerts off – although you will probably want to check back in before too long to make sure you’re still getting paid the market rate!

So what are you waiting for?  Find out how good your CV really is, and let the job hunt begin!