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What Should I Expect From A Second Interview?

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You aced the all-important first interview and have been invited for a second – no mean feat! So give yourself a pat on the back – this means you can enter the next stage in the process with some confidence. The employer has reviewed your presentation, skills and experience, and has already decided that you could be the right candidate for the role – but you still have a way to go to convince them.

So what should you now expect at this crucial stage in the process? Read on to find out…

New faces

The first interview functions to some extent as a screening process – the employer will be looking to weed out the wheat from the chaff. So expect this time to be meeting a whole host of new faces, many of whom are likely to be big hitters in the process – think senior managers, directors and potentially your new supervisor. You will be under increased scrutiny; whereas the initial round was a ‘first date’, consider this stage as ‘meeting the parents’.

More pressure

In a similar vein, your first interview will likely have been a more general assessment of your aptitude: a ‘warm up’. This time round the stakes are higher – so expect trickier questions and more probing into what makes you tick. Arrive armed with a thorough understanding of the role, company and industry, and expect some tough questioning – now is the time to up your game and show them that you are a credible candidate.

Could we work together?

At this stage you are a serious contender for the role, and the employer will be looking to see if you will fit in with the daily running of the team. Here, cultural fit is of key significance – for you, as well as for the interviewer. Build upon the great impression you made in the first interview, but also remember this is a two-way process – so ask lots of questions and try to get a real understanding of what life in the company is like.

As with any part of the application process, preparation and research are crucial to nailing that second interview. This is also the stage where salary negotiations are likely to come into play. Use our ValueMyCV tool to find out your market value and put yourself into a better negotiating position.