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Should I Accept the Job? Five Good Reasons to Turn Down a Job Offer

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It seems like common sense, doesn’t it? If you’ve completed the application forms, aced the interviews and successfully secured a job offer, surely it’s right to sign on the dotted line.

Not always. Sometimes there are good reasons for turning down a job.  At this point it’s worth remembering that you hold all the cards. Here are five good reasons for turning down a job offer:

  1. They’re not offering enough – If you’ve checked your skills with our ValueMyCV tool to see what you’re really worth to your employer and they’ve offered you something much lower than you’d hope for you’ll want to negotiate a better salary. If they’re not open to negotiations, and there aren’t other perks that make up for the lower pay, there’s no point wasting any more time on them.
  2. You didn’t take to your new manager – It was the clammy handshake, wasn’t it? If you didn’t take to your prospective manager at the interview, chances are you’ll like them no better when you’re working for them. One study by the Harvard Business Review found that 88% of people change jobs because they find their workplace has a negative atmosphere, and much of that will be down to the management style.
  3. The work might be too easy/hard – If the work is too easy, you’ll be bored within a month and starting the job hunt all over again. On the flip side, you might now quietly admit to yourself that you were blagging and overselling your skills at an Olympian scale.  If you think you’ll struggle then they’ll soon be onto you, so walk away now.
  4. The commute would simply be too much – It sounds trivial, but commuting can really take it out of you. If you’re adding an hour and a half to the beginning and end of every day you may soon feel drained and want to pack it in.  It can be costly too.  If getting there and back will be too much and they’re not open to you having a regular work from home days, thank them and turn them down.
  5. You have a better job offer – Excellent! That’s the very best reason to turn them down and feel smug at the same time, you lucky thing.

Perhaps against all logic, if there’s an offer on the table and you’re not entirely happy with it then walk away. If you take it up and only then realise it’s not for you, you’ll be back to square one – and that’s not a great place to be.