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We believe everyone’s experiences are worth sharing and can help other people in their own career journeys, so we encourage you to get involved and use your knowledge to answer the community’s questions.

To ensure users can trust the advice they read, or get an answer to questions that our community find tricky to answer, we’ve also enlisted the help of some industry experts to moderate answers where necessary and to provide their own invaluable insight.

You’ll notice that some of our experts have chosen to be anonymous – this is so they can provide the best advice possible. You can rest assured they’ve been thoroughly vetted to make sure they can provide advice and guidance that will really help make a difference to your career.

Do you have what it takes to be an Inudstry Expert?

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Meet our Industry Experts

Recruitment Expert Melanie Folkes-Mayers

Melanie Folkes-Mayers is the founder and managing director of Eden Mayers HR Consulting.

Melanie has over 15 years of strategic and operational HR experience, including running the recruitment department of multinational organisations; recruiting candidates for roles from graduate intakes and senior leaders. She uses this wealth of knowledge to help prospective employers find the best candidates for their roles and to coach individuals to achieve their aspirational roles.

Retail Expert Mad About Selling

Mad About Selling has worked in the retail sector for over a decade.

Starting on the shop floor and working her way up to store manager, Mad About Selling climbed the retail ladder by regularly impressing as top salesperson and taking opportunities in different companies and different cities as they came up.

Accounting Expert Vicki Harrison

After becoming a chartered accountant 30 years ago, Vicki Harrison has gained a wealth of experience in New Zealand and the UK.

In 2011 she became a member of the the ABI Future Leaders Forum, while she was appointed Finance Director at Equinox Global Limited in 2014.