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If you see yourself in a shiny suit, calmly managing major investments for big multinationals, advising governments on sources of funding and helping arrange major business decisions, or the privatisation of state-held assets, then corporate banking could be for you. On a typical day, you might find yourself trading bonds and shares, or helping to negotiate and check the terms of business take-overs, known in the trade as "mergers and acquisitions".

You'll be comfortable using computer models to forecast financial plans and you'll have a shrewd understanding of any new finance proposal or business venture. Highly numerate, you will also be very good at communicating your ideas verbally and in writing. The rewards of a corporate banker may be great, but the hours are often long and the work is notoriously stressful. As well as that shiny suit, you'll need a calm temperament, a determined attitude and nerves of steel.

Responsibilities & Skills

You'll have a good understanding of the equity capital markets, where your expert knowledge will guide your clients to raise the finance they need. You'll also be familiar with the debt capital markets, so you can help clients re-finance or re-structure their debts. It's likely you will know one particular industry, or market sector, very well indeed and you will probably have worked in that industry at some point.

- You'll be skilled at assessing a company's worth
- You'll understand the legal rules that govern mergers and acquisitions
- You'll be used to liaising and negotiating with high-rollers in business or government

Required Qualifications

  • A 2:1 degree or above, in law, economics, business studies or accountancy
  • An MBA or a completed bank induction programme is recommended

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