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113 Investment Banker jobs in the UK

Perhaps people know more about how much bankers earn rather than what they do?

So what is investment banking? Well, it is the underwriting or insuring of various stocks and bonds and the selling and trading of securities. Based on this, an investment banker will provide a financial advice on whether to merge or acquire a company and how to manage a company's assets. Investment bankers assist public and private corporations, non-profit institutions as well as government and individuals in getting funds and making financial deals.

The umbrella term of investment banking covers everything from corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, public finance, trading, retail sales, research and operations as well as institutional sales, in short sales and trading of all sorts.

Responsibilities & Skills

If you are an investment banker, you may lead a time-pressured day with time-sensitive decisions to be made on your information-gathering and insight. You might need to start your day trying to reading 'pitchbooks' or analysts' reports prepared for you. You need to be able to run an excellent team who can back you up with their research and you need to be fantastic with your clients.

You are people-person, team leader and team player with a strategic mindset. You are also a good sales person and a good 'performer'. You will need to be able to present all the details to your clients clearly and confidently. Again you might be relying on your team for thorough briefings while you might need to be able to demonstrate your technical knowledge of the company too. You might go on to another client to represent a company which is a considering a proposal to use derivatives to reduce a risk in its portfolio. In this case you might be expected to explain the derivatives to people who are great at stocks but don't understand derivatives, so you need a good all-round knowledge and the art of using it well. As well as presenting, selling, advising and strategy you are also a great networker and will attend many client events as part of your day-to-day.

You might start early and have to end the day at a client dinner, it's all part of the package.

Required Qualifications

  • Look out for structured training programmes with industry-recognised quals with the Financial Services Authority (FSA)
  • Relevant Bachelors or Masters Degree or equivalent

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