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Project managers are key players when it comes to delivering large scale projects on time, to standard and on budget. Despite what 'The Apprentice' might have us believe - there's a lot more to the role than simply being in charge. This individual also has the necessary level of authority to see a project through on every level - from coordinating teams and budgets, to delegating tasks.

Client facing on a day-to-day basis, the project manager has a deep understanding of the company's needs and aims. They nurture close relationships throughout the company from shop-floor to executive administrative level, all with a view to outlining clear objectives and responding to project needs.

Responsibilities & Skills

Being a project manager means - naturally - managing the project. In construction, this can mean coordinating sub-contractors and materials, or in technology - developing software or large scale network solutions. Project managers in every sector have certain responsibilities in common; these can range from developing project outlines and scheduling, to establishing budgets and cost breakdowns.
Other duties include risk analysis, team creation, managing conflict and reporting to project stakeholders. If this sounds like a daunting workload, it is. In exchange for the high level of authority and responsibility, the project manager is the first port of call for questions when things don't run smoothly! However, the variety and level of challenge involved can make this one of the most rewarding positions in any business.

Required Qualifications

  • University degree in project management
  • Business degree with project management focus
  • Professional accreditation / management chartership

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