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There are many different types of designers in the world. They include architectural designers, interior designers and fashion designers. For the sake of distinction we'll discuss the job description of a graphic designer here.
Graphic designers are employed in the advertising/marketing industry. It is their job to visually convey what a company or brand is all about. This means that they have to design all sorts of marketing material to bring this message across.
Graphic designers work on marketing campaigns in the visual sense of the word. They put together different forms of promotional material that is disseminated in various forms. For instance they will come up with a look and feel for a certain brand and then incorporate the same advertising/promotional material in print, online and digital format. These formats basically include magazines, online magazines, websites, rate cards, business cards, social media platforms etc.

Responsibilities & Skills

A graphic designer has to estimate how much time would be needed to complete a marketing campaign and put together a design brief for clients. Before the campaign can be presented to a client, it has to be fully laid out and explained to the designer's manager and a team of professionals who can determine whether it is ready to be presented in the first place.
- Proofreading and double checking all work is very important
- Keeping ahead of the game by reading up and practising all new technologies in layout design and artwork will prove to be invaluable
- Excellent administration skills are needed to keep completed campaigns filed away in order of use

Required Qualifications

  • Interior Design/Graphic Design qualification is essential
  • Ability to use software such as PhotoShop, InDesign and AutoCAD is non-negotiable
  • Exceptional flair towards the creative
  • Comprehensive computer skills

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