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Domestic Cleaners, sometimes referred to as House Cleaners, are people who keep other people's houses clean. They usually work autonomously with a number of different clients, travelling from house to house, ensuing that people too busy to look after their own houses thoroughly have a safe and clean home environment to return to. This means they get to work with many different sorts of people, but may not see all that much of them.

Many Domestic Cleaners are employed by third party agencies, who arrange cleaning placements for them in exchange for a commission. Successful Domestic Cleaners possess attention to detail and the ability to precisely follow instructions (which can vary from client to client or week to week). Domestic Cleaners need to be extremely trustworthy, as they're often entrusted to work alone in the houses of other people, where unguarded valuables can be found. Some Domestic Cleaners work directly with a single family on a fulltime basis, or with a smaller number of families on a part time basis. It's not uncommon for some Domestic Cleaners to live with the families they work for, although this is can be an overlap with the role of Domestic Assistant.

Responsibilities & Skills

Domestic Cleaners carry out a range of different duties which can include vacuuming, ironing, dusting, laundry, sweeping, mopping, making beds, cleaning windows, washing dishes, cleaning bathrooms and disposing of household/kitchen waste. They may follow verbal or written instructions, and need to be good at interpreting instructions from homeowners

Cleaners also need to be comfortable with standing for prolonged periods of time, possess the physical strength to occasionally lift heavy loads, such as when having to move heavy things for cleaning purposes. Cleaners are very often required to possess their own transport.

Required Qualifications

  • An NVQ in Cleaning and Support Services
  • Award/Certificate/Diploma in Cleaning Principles

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