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You're flexible about your hours and looking for part-time work? Then think about becoming a cleaner. As a part-time cleaner, you could be cleaning everything from industrial buildings to someone's front room. All jobs in this area need someone with a passion for "making a thorough job of it". You need to be someone with pride for a clean surface! You also need the ability to work carefully and reliably and you will need to take care in using various pieces of equipment from vacuum cleaners, specialist cleaning fluids or hot irons. Other cleaning jobs that you might think of working in range from house clearance, specialist cleaning of carpets and upholstery or cleaning cars.

This can be a great job if you want to work self-employed or need flexible part-time hours. There are lots of people who want to work say early morning shifts, evenings or weekends and you could be one of them, so think part-time, think cleaning.

Responsibilities & Skills

As a part-time cleaner, it is common practice to work in shifts. You might early morning or late a night when the office or building is clear. Whatever the hours, you need to do a great job to keep a place lickety-spit.

You might work in teams or on casual work or you might have your own business – this could also fit well into a part-time framework. Whatever you decide, you do need to be physically fit and be able to tackle tasks such as cleaning toilets, wide expanses of floor and tricky dusty fitting covered with spider webs. Urgh!

Oh, and you better be a good organiser to tidy up those ramshackle paper-filled desks for example. You might have to work with IT equipment and be trustworthy and reliable so that nothing gets broken in the cleaning as well as ensuring that no theft takes place too. You might work on different contracts and travel to different sites. It is a pretty varied job.

Required Qualifications

  • You do not need formal qualifications to be a part-time cleaner
  • A good general level of fitness
  • Driving licence for some jobs
  • Think about NVQ schemes for getting into supervisory roles

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