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78 Window Cleaner jobs in the UK

If you enjoyed the Spider man films, have a head for heights and like working outdoors - window cleaning maybe the ideal profession for you. All buildings have windows and all window glass needs cleaning so there is no shortage of demand for this job, although it will involve being outdoors in all kinds of weather. Some window cleaners are employed by offices to keep the outside looking spick and span, while others make a living on contracts to clean the glass in domestic properties.

Most of the work will be on the outside of the glass which is more difficult to reach so will involve the use of ladders for smaller properties and suspended cradles on larger buildings. Other contracts will also involve cleaning the inside of windows. The job may appear more glamorous in the films with people shimmying up the outside of skyscrapers, but it is an important role.

Responsibilities & Skills

No academic qualifications are required for this role and there are no guild certificates so it is a question of getting up and getting the job. The basics of cleaning windows are relatively simple, although this job will not simply involve a bottle of window cleaner and a cloth!

Basic health and safety knowledge is required, for example how to set up a ladder, operate a cradle and stay safe at heights, but most of this is common sense. Attention to detail and pride in the work is the most important skill as new work in these industries is often found through word of mouth and recommendations happy customers.

Required Qualifications

  • None required

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