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A Doctor is a medical science professional who is responsible for assessing ailments and prescribing medical treatments to maintain the well-being of people. Doctors also apply their skills in the prevention and management of illnesses and may be employed either in private practice or in a public sector hospital or clinic.

Doctors can be either a General Practitioner, or a specialist in a specific type of body part ailment. For example, specializations include Paediatrics (study of infant, children, young adolescents), Cardiology (disorders of the heart), Oncology (diagnosis and treatment of cancer), Neurology (diseases of the nervous system). Specializations typically require several more years of study once becoming a qualified GP.

Responsibilities & Skills

Depending on the department that the Doctor works in (for e.g. in Accident Emergency Ward or as a general physician), a Doctor's role could vary. In general, however, a Doctor would be called upon to provide any of following responsibilities:
- Diagnose and treat medical symptoms
- Offer advice to manage symptoms and prevent recurrence
- Refer to correct specialist to diagnose complicated illnesses
- Liaise with other specialized doctors or medical staff to ensure proper treatment of complicated diseases

As the job requires dealing with the sick and injured, a Doctor needs to have the following qualities in order to excel:
- Compassion, resourcefulness, stamina, motivation;
- Ability to work within a multidisciplinary team;
- Excellent communication skills;
- Positive work ethics and integrity
- Motivation to keep updated with new research, diagnosis and treatments
- Ability to learn and retain large amounts of information

Because of the life or death nature of the treatments of serious illnesses, Doctors must be able to work under pressure and make medically correct analysis of a patient's condition. In the case of A&E Doctors, patients are often unable to communicate clearly with the doctor to aid in his diagnosis of the problem, and thus the Doctor must be able to make expert decisions with educated assumptions based on what little information they have, often with tight time constraints. Despite the challenges involved, medicine is one of the most highly respected professions and the majority of doctors find their work highly rewarding and enjoyable.

Required Qualifications

  • Medical Degree recognised by the General Medical Council e.g. Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery. Depending upon the university - this will lead to one of the following qualifications - MBBS; MBBS/BSc; MBChB; MBBCh; BMBS - all of which are normally referred to as a "first MB"
  • Foundation Training (Placement, 2 Years)
  • Speciality Training (varies with speciality)

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Senior Oncology Staff Nurse
38000 to 43000 per annum plus Benefits - London
Speciality Doctor in A&E
37547 to 70018 per annum - Northampton
Specialty Doctor
37547 to 70018 per annum - York
Consultant Acute Medicine Doctor
75249 to 101451 per annum - Newark
Middle Grade Stroke Medicine Doctor
37176 to 69325 per annum - Newark
Respiratory and General Medicine Consultant
76,001 to 102465 per annum - Preston
Specialty Doctor Pyschiatrist- General Adults
37176 to 69325 per annum - Preston
Speciality Doctor A&E
37547 to 70018 per annum - Chester
Recruitment Officer
£21000 - £23000 - London, England, SE1 9RY