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Nurses assess, plan and provide care to patients. They look after the ill, injured or adults with physical disabilities. Nurses are in charge of evaluating a patient's progress and observe continually their health and treatment. They are responsible for adapting the care in accordance with consultations with the doctors. They advise and work with the doctors, and in consultation they may counsel patients and their relatives too. That's why it's called a vocation, not a job.
Daily tasks might involve checking body temperatures, blood pressure and respiration rates. You might help doctors with physical examinations; administer drugs and injections, clean and dress wounds. You can be in charge of blood transfusions and setting up drips. You will be trained in the use of various types of medical equipment and IT applications. Many nurses specialise in an area such as accident and emergency (A&E), outpatients services, neonatal nursing, or operating theatre work.
As well as hospitals, you could also think about working in the community, in health clinics, in prisons or the Armed Forces.

Responsibilities & Skills

Remember it's a vocation, not a job, so you need some an excellent range of skills, a great character, talents and sense of supreme responsibility to excel as a nurse. You must be a strong communicator and great listener. You have a natural and genuine desire to help people. You have a non-judgmental attitude to care and can look after people from all walks of life. You have a clear understanding of confidentiality, coupled with the ability to inspire confidence and trust. You can work in a compassionate, sensitive and mature manner. You are organised; can work under pressure, work with a team and have patience and empathy. You have great practical skills too. Phew!

Required Qualifications

  • Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) approved degrees are required.
  • You need five GCSEs (A-C) preferably in English, Maths and a science and three A levels preferably with biology.

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