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As a chief talent-spotter, you will have a vast knowledge of the movers and shakers within the industries in which you specialise. Your task as a headhunter is to root out the very best candidates for a job, having developed an attractive remuneration package with the client and discovered what the role entails and the kind of person the client needs in their company.

Confidentiality is paramount, as many of the people you will be approaching may be in positions working for competitors. You must be able to very quickly assess the character of a potential candidate and decide whether they will be not just suitable for the job, but also whether they would fit into the culture of the company. You will be selling the role to them, so you must be confident in your pitch and be thorough in your research of the client's company and what it can offer.

As a communications expert, you will be liaising with your client on a regular basis, creating reports of your findings and sharing information on the professionals you have earmarked as suitable for the position the client is trying to fill. Once the right person has been found and has agreed the role, you will then be involved in talks between the client and candidate in order to finalise negotiations for pay and your fee.

Responsibilities & Skills

Working with clients, a head hunter must be confident within the industry they work, and aware of the responsibilities of the role you are trying to fill.

Operating discreetly and confidently, you will contact prospective candidates and present the role to them. The process can be a lengthy one, so you must be patient and thorough in your work, whilst being aware of deadlines set by the client. As a middle man, you will ensure you communicate transparently and professionally to both the client and the candidate.

Required Qualifications

  • No formal qualifications are needed, but GCSE grade passes are beneficial: experience and industry knowledge are recommended

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