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Immigration officers are stationed at every point of entry into the United Kingdom and have the very important job of ensuring that everyone entering the country has the appropriate documents. They will check passports, visas and landing cards of all passengers, even those who are British citizens. If an immigration officer suspects that a foreigner does not qualify for entry they will interview them further to determine the next course of action. This could include deporting the passenger if they are deemed an illegal immigrant, escorting them to a holding place if they claim to be seeking asylum.
An immigration officer may also be base in an office and have the task of processing immigration applications for those who wish to permanently relocate to the UK, whether it be for personal, professional or asylum seeking reasons. They can be required to carry out surveillance, investigative work and other intelligence-based activities in order to ensure that everyone living and visiting the United Kingdom is legally doing so.

Responsibilities & Skills

An immigration office has a huge responsibility to protect the country's security, they are the front line. They need to be assertive, fair and impartial when interviewing passengers. They are observant and must be able to think and react quickly if they suspect a visitor to be a potential illegal immigrant.

- Flexibility as working hours can vary to include nights and weekends.
- Excellent personal skills and the ability to be firm and fair, and occasionally showing empathy to those seeking asylum.
- Good writing skills in order to write reports.

Required Qualifications

  • Good A Level and GCSE results.
  • A British National over the age of 18, and able to pass security and medical checks.
  • New recruits will undergo training that usually lasts around nine weeks.
  • You may have an advantage if you can speak a foreign language, have experience.
  • Working with the public face-to-face, or a qualification in legal or language studies.

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