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In today's age computers basically run everything so you can imagine that there are a huge variety of roles and job titles to choose from within the IT industry. IT workers can work in any sector but all are in control of the computer systems and networks of an organisation. This includes installing and configuring systems and dealing with hardware and software issues. IT workers can work for an agency or company remotely or in-house. Faults or malfunctions in computer systems can be devestating for any company so quite often IT workers are constantly on call.

Responsibilities & Skills

Typical IT skills include:
- Logical thinking;
- Fluent knowledge of a wide variety of software and operating systems;
- Problem solving skills;
- Extensive understanding and knowledge of the industry and thirst to stay up-to-date with developments;
- Good team skills;
- Good communication and interpersonal skills;
- Attention to detail.

Required Qualifications

  • Degree or qualification related technical subject.

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Latest IT Jobs

Senior IT Business Development Manager
JOBSWORTH: £42,855 P.A. ?Northern Ireland - Belfast
Software Test Analyst
JOBSWORTH: £37,100 P.A. ?Lancashire
PHP Developer
JOBSWORTH: £31,915 P.A. ?Yorkshire
Test Analyst
JOBSWORTH: £33,222 P.A. ?South Yorkshire
Trainee IT/AV Hardware Engineer
JOBSWORTH: £20,678 P.A. ?Staffordshire
JOBSWORTH: £17,775 P.A. ?Yorkshire
Java Developer
JOBSWORTH: £49,805 P.A. ?London
Director of Enterprise Applications and Analytics
$120,000 - $130,000 annual - Duluth
Director of Software Development
$150,000 - $165,000 annual + bonus - La Crosse