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While the common image of a lawyer is the guy in the courtroom firing off some slickly worded defense of his client, this is not the only kind of lawyer out there. The word "lawyer" covers anyone who is qualified to practice law. So, this can be barristers, solicitors or attorneys, some of which might never find their way into a courtroom.

A lawyer covers all of these roles and so his or her job could be to represent a client in or out of court. They might also offer legal advice to a business or maybe represent corporations in legal cases. It is a position that varies considerably depending on the legal jurisdiction, the country and the role of employment.

Responsibilities & Skills

The responsibilities differ depending on where and how the lawyer acts but, in broad terms, it is to represent a client in a particular legal matter to the best of their ability. This could be to speak for them in a high profile criminal or civil court case. It might mean drawing up legal documents, such as a contract or a will or it might simply mean offering them legal advice.

As always for such a challenging role a lawyer must be highly educated, up to speed with relevant case law for his or her particular jurisdiction and must be 100 per cent reliable. A lawyer often holds peoples' lives in their hands and so they must be honest and forthright.

Analytical and research skills are also a must while a good level of mathematical skills is also something highly desired of any professional lawyer.

Required Qualifications

  • Degree at 2.1 or above in Law
  • Graduate Diploma in Law
  • Bachelor of Laws

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