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A part time worker is one who works fewer hours than a full time worker. In the UK, although not officially defined, this usually means that a part time worker works less than 35 hours in a week. However, a part time worker has the same rights as a full time worker.

Part time workers include students, mothers, semi-retired and those with other constraints in their life which mean that full time work is not suitable for them. Some part time workers would prefer a full time role and some part time jobs are only suited to part time working hours such as some bar work. There are many retail jobs in this category as well as part-time jobs in the food and beverage industry. However, many employers in all industries can offer options for part time work.

As of March 2012, there were nearly 8m part-time workers in the UK of the approximately 29m working pop, according to official statistics. Most of these workers - but not all - were not looking for full time employment.

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