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A market researcher's job is all about collecting the right sort of data and analyzing it to gain insights into an industry or certain aspects of an industry. This could be about behavioral patterns of customers, reactions and opinions of a certain group of people, reach and effectiveness of a policy, etc. Be it businesses, governments or charitable or social organizations- good market research often forms the base for them to better strategize, and make the right decisions.
Market researchers would have a knack for asking the right questions to get the most important answers in the least time consuming manner, and they would an eye for spotting trends and tendencies. Your work in this role, could be qualitative quantitative- the latter being more number based, and about identifying trends or anomalies in data sets, whereas the former is more involved, in depth, and more time consuming, that requires you to get answers on why the numbers show the trends they do, etc. Your work could be office based or field based or a combination of both depending on the sector and project you are working on.
Some companies have in-house market research teams, but most employ external market research agencies for specific projects.

Responsibilities & Skills

As a market researcher you would be responsible for planning and implementing the collection and analysis of project relevant data in the most efficient manner. You would be required to meet or speak with clients and get an accurate gauge of their objectives and then chalk out a plan to meet this. You would conduct field interviews in-person, prepare questionnaires or conduct online surveys, or you may be moderating a team of such surveyors, you would be analyzing data and reporting back on results and at times you may also be required to offer advice or suggestions to your client based on your analysis. You would therefore be expected to be someone who:
1. Is deeply analytical and numerate.
2. Is proficient with computers and statistics.
3. Is communicative and a good listener
4. Is a quick learner and able to quickly develop expert knowledge of an industry
5. Is organized and good at working to tight deadlines
6. Is a team-player
7. Is able to get along with and understand people from a variety of backgrounds

Required Qualifications

  • 1. A university level degree. A major in actuarial sciences, economics or mathematics would be beneficial for quantitative research and psychology, anthropology; sociology would be beneficial for qualitative research.
  • 2. Previous experience in analysis, marketing, or development would be useful
  • 3. Being multi-lingual would be beneficial.

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