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The word "marketing" has the same meaning in any organisation has the same meaning. Marketing simply means to promote a product or service. Marketing has a very definite science to it. A lot of time and energy is spent or research to ensure that the eventual marketing campaign is aimed at the right target market and that this market has a definite need for the product or service that is being promoted.
Marketing consultants generally work out a marketing strategy based on the results of their intensive research. This strategy includes the different forms of advertising/marketing of the product or service including TV broadcasts, radio airplay, online advertising and digital offerings. A budget or target is also derived from this research. It is also decided at this point whether a marketing campaign will be low-cost or whether the company will go all out to market their products.

Responsibilities & Skills

It is also the responsibility of the marketing department to identify new potential clients and pitch ideas to them. In order to be able to do this they need to do research on the company itself and try to find out what their needs are and where their promotional advertising could possibly be strengthened.
- The office of the marketing department within a business has to stay separate from the rest of the employees' roles. The marketing employees have to be able to work on their own and have quiet time to themselves to reflect and concentrate on important campaigns

Required Qualifications

  • Business Management Degree/Qualification
  • Business Psychology Qualification
  • Qualification in Communications
  • Excellent IT knowledge
  • Fantastic analytical ability
  • Exceptional creativity

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