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In short, a marketing manager's role is to implement a company's marketing campaign, helping to maximize ROI and develop brand equity, whilst also meeting target customers' needs. A marketing manager will develop marketing strategies inline with company objectives, helping to improve the effectiveness of campaigns by creating online and offline campaigns. As a manager it is necessary to evaluate customer research, market conditions, competitor data and implement marketing plan alterations where needed.

Responsibilities & Skills

Overseeing and supporting all marketing, advertising, and promotional staff activities is a core responsibility of a marketing manager. Like most marketing roles, other responsibilities can vary depending on the size and structure of a company, and the industry sector.
On the whole, daily tasks could include monitoring and analysing market trends, studying competitors' products and services, and exploring ways to improve existing products and services through innovation. Preparing and managing marketing plans, budgets, and the production of promotional material are further possible duties of a marketing manager. Coordination and communication with other internal departments is also integral to the role.
It is the manager's role to produce reports that identify target markets and developing strategies to communicate with new audiences. It is then the responsibility to relay such findings back to company directors or other senior managers.

Required Qualifications

  • Degree or Higher National Diploma, from marketing, business, economics, mathematics or computing being more favourable.
  • 4-6 years of experience in the marketing industry for a company in a related sector.
  • You will need extensive experience of developing, maintaining and delivering on marketing strategies to meet company objectives.

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