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The main job of PR executive is image management for an individual or an organization. This is a job for the outgoing, resourceful and communicative types. You would be liaising with senior managers and marketing heads of an organization to strategize and then implement a plan to manage the reputation of the unit you represent. Some companies employ a PR executive within their own structure, while some others choose to employ external PR agencies to do the job. Either way, it is critical that you fully understand the unit you represent and your target audience. You would be expected to answer media or external queries on your unit or client's position on certain matters, proactively release statements and press releases on your client's behalf, and also help organize events and conferences. Your statements for the media would have to be engaging and often news-worthy to attract as much good publicity as possible. At times, you may also be involved in damage control to redeem your client's reputation. While you would be working from an office mostly this is not just a desk job, it is very much to do with networking and the most successful PR executives have a good scope of contacts within the media industry especially.

Responsibilities & Skills

The key responsibility of a PR Executive is to manage the reputation of the company or individual they represent. This involves some journalistic work like publishing press releases and company statements, communique, etc, and also some degree of marketing strategy- identifying your audience and strategizing on the best way to attract their attention and portray to them a positive image of your client. You would often be expected to speak to the media and public on behalf of your client and most employers for this role would seek someone who:

1. Has excellent communication skills and is patient and convincing in their manner
2. Is a multi-tasker and good at time-management
3. Outgoing, resourceful and good at networking
4. Self-driven, proactive and pleasant in their manner.
5. Is computer literate and proficient with Microsoft office.

Required Qualifications

  • 1. A degree or certification in marketing/ journalism is beneficial
  • 2. Strong GCSE and A level grades in English
  • 3. Being Multi-lingual is beneficial
  • 4. Previous experience in journalism (print/ broadcast or online) or marketing would be useful.

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