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How a company promotes itself has changed considerably in recent years. Placing advertisements on billboards and in newspapers were normally the only way in which a company could promote its services or deliver a particular message to customers. With the advent of social media websites, a company can use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and other relevant sites in order to promote its services to clients that might be hundreds of miles away from where a business's address is.

A Social Media Manager oversees the whole social media marketing process for its clients. As staff might not know about the best social media approach which can properly promote a company, a Social Media Manager can suggest ideas about how a company can better its performance on such social networking websites. They can also create a strategy which can be followed by staff so that they are working towards a common goal and not separately.

Responsibilities & Skills

A Social Media Manager oversees many people who utilise social networking sites to promote a company. A Social Media Manager might also create links which can be put onto Facebook or are tweeted. The feedback which web users give can also be considered and a Social Media Manager could change their social media plan accordingly.

- Excellent communication skills that are used when working alongside colleagues.
- Good managerial skills when considering feedback from web users.
- Have a very good working knowledge of social media websites.

Required Qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree in Communications or Marketing

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