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So you fancy being a teacher? It can be seriously hard work, but teaching is one of the most important and rewarding occupations to become a part of. Teaching takes a number of different forms from pre-school education to primary and secondary schooling through to college, university and other higher qualifications. Each of these different roles requires different qualifications and although the job varies the basic skills required and job description remains the same. Primary school teachers will have a basic grounding in a large variety of subjects, while secondary and higher education teachers tend to specialise.

Pre-school education is quite different as it involves getting much younger children ready to go to school with some of the basic skills to help them in early education. Teachers tend to work long hours after classes have finished to prepare lessons, mark work and organise activities and the pay is often criticised, but along with the vocational benefits there is also the advantage of long holidays outside of term time. This is not a career choice that should be taken lightly and will require high levels of self motivation and bags of patience!

Responsibilities & Skills

The main responsibility of a teacher is to ensure the students are prepared to take and pass the next level of assessments and to continue to the next stage of education. How this is achieved and the actual specifics depend entirely on the institution being taught at. Primary education, for example, deals in more general terms whereas higher education involves more critical and independent thinking on the part of the students.

Many skills are involved in teaching, but the most important are good communication and organisational skills so the relevant material can be accurately and effectively engaged. The long hours of the job require the person to be highly motivated and have a lot of energy, especially when teaching younger children. Teaching is a profession constantly evolving so it is vital to make sure all modern standards are understood and adhered to.

Required Qualifications

  • Teaching qualification (dependant on level being taught)
  • Degree in relevant subject (required if teaching secondary school or higher education)

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Latest Teaching Jobs

MFL French Teacher-'Outstanding' Ofsted
£22467 - £38250 per annum - UK Maidstone
Maths With Computing Teacher – Sept 2017
£22000 - £33000 per annum - UK Warwickshire
KS1 Teacher - Year One Class
£22467 - £38250 per annum - UK Maidstone
Student Support - 1 to 1
£15264 - £19414 per annum - UK Sevenoaks
KS1 Teacher - Excellent CPD
£22467 - £38250 per annum - UK Maidstone
Swiss IB German Teacher - Excellent CPD
£25000 - £80000 per annum + Competitive - Switzerland Zürich
Science Teachers Needed for Outstanding Schools
£23000 - £38000 per annum - UK Chatham
Primary Teachers Needed for Outstanding Schools
£23000 - £38000 per annum - UK Chatham
SEN Primary Teacher - New Free School
£23000 - £39000 per annum + SEN Points - UK Rochester
English Teacher – April Start - Quick Turnover
£130 - £180 per day - UK North London