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The role of an English Teacher is an extremely significant one, you are at least partly responsible for shaping the written abilities of the next generation of people. English Teachers can be found at all levels of education, though the term 'English teacher' usually refers to a teacher at Primary or Secondary School level. Asides from teaching the fundamentals of reading and writing, there's also an element of advocacy involved. English Teachers need to ensure that students are able to find ways to enjoy reading and writing, as these are skills that are pretty much essential to get by in the modern world. English teachers need to be patient and understanding, especially when dealing with uncooperative or disruptive students, or those who have reading and writing challenges. The title 'English Teacher' is sometimes used to describe the role of a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) teacher. This is someone who teaches English language skills to people who have English as a second language, as oppose to teaching younger people. Both jobs are quite different.

Responsibilities & Skills

English teachers are responsible for ensuring that students are developing their reading and writing skills, and if possible, developing a lifelong interest in reading and writing, that'll help them succeed in the real world. They create lesson plans, mark homework, and help students prepare for important exams and coursework.

Perhaps obviously, English teachers need excellent English language and writing skills. A passion for reading and writing is essential too. Teachers need a good understanding of classic and contemporary literature, and most especially the books that are currently popular with their students.

Required Qualifications

  • English related degree, such as English Literature or English Language and Literature.
  • TEFL Qualification

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