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73% of employees recommend this company to their friends


“Bright people, but don't stay for ever”

It's tough to know where to start with Auntie. Certainly on the positive side, i feel liked i've worked with some of the best people in Britain, for perhaps the best known broadcaster in the world. The BBC is no lumbering beast either - the newsroom is fast paced, dynamic and loads of fun.

Staff who aren't deemed utterly indispensible by senior management bods are quickly fed to the dogs. It is incredibly difficult to succeed and climb the ladder in such a multilayered organisation. Still, i guess that's what you should expect from a monster like the Beeb!

It's a bit like Shawshank Prison. "These walls are funny. First you hate 'em, then you get used to 'em. Enough time passes, you get so you depend on them."

“The one time genius of the broadcasting world now grown old and seedy and faded...”

From 1975 - 1993 fun, thrusting vibrant programmes, great people, great management. Now - it's hard to find anything positive to say about the BBC.

"Sustaining the dinosaur" - appalling money wasting, out-dated working practices, appalling technical standards, a "fill up the schedules as cheaply as possible" approach. Appalling dumbing down of programme content. Biased, deceitful and misleading documentary programme content has superceded their once famous impartiality. Terrible cut throat management who axe anyone they can INCLUDING the skilled staff who make the programmes in order to protect their own jobs.

Finding anyone technical who actually makes programmes these days beyond news and the like. All the studios are going fast, there is no OB fleet now, and very few technicians.

“Great people, but high pressure”

Enjoyment level depended heavily on the shift i was working. Quieter shifts tended to be better and Managers afforded staff more autonomy on the night shift. Colleagues we generally very co-operative and ready to help instantly. Oh, and you can't beat the good ol' BBC canteen!

The hardest part of the job was the warning time / notice we were given before going on air. High pressure definitely!

The new London office

“A waste of public funds”


Bloated, often incompetent senior management layers, hell bent on getting thier mitts on final salary pensions schemes most of us could only dream of.

It's civil service, with telly!

“It's as you'd expect”

It comes with some benefits, don't get me wrong, but generally the people who work on the same level of you are great!

To get anywhere you have to either make a monumental cockup or just annoy people. And pointless acronyms.

There's a vast amount of incompetent people in higher paid jobs... which astound you.

“For 30 years I was paid well to make programmes I really wanted to make. But it was never for the money.”

Making friends. Superb colleagues. Lack of interference. Making programmes was huge *fun*. I met people/interviewees who were absolutely fascinating. From Jean Monnet, Saddam Hussein, to Sheffield slum dwellers. Learnt from them all.

What wasn't to like?

Strange perks; after 25 years, you got £400 to buy yourself a present. I bought a light. Smashing; still using it. A lovely Reithian relic.

“The worst company I've worked for.”


Constant and aggressive penny pinching.

The high volume of bully

“Very Creative Workforce, led by idiots”

The professionalism and team work of the wonderful collegues

The middle management. Jobsworths who have been promoted as they are useless at actually doing the job. Goof programmes happen despite them rather than because of them.

Being at the centre of things

“Work as a researcher and would highly recommend”

I've been with the BBC (working as a documentary researcher for the last 4 years) and i can definitely recommend working here. During my time i've been based in Manchester and Glasgow and both offices are cracking places to work. Being a researcher, the best bit about the jobs is the travel! (I've been to the US, Middle East, Bulgaria and Austria to date with plenty more trips planned)

Pay isn't earth shattering (and never will be i expect). If you want to make money at the BBC, join the IT department

All the weird and wonderful places you get to see around the world (if you're a researcher or filmaker that is!)

“An enjoyable job with a decent work/life balance and great colleagues”

The best thing I've found about the BBC is the colleagues I am working with, the people are fantastic. I feel like I am moving with the times, getting the training I need to back up changes in technology. I enjoy working with people with a wide range of experience, from new starters to upper management as it means I can be involved both in learning and teaching at the same time.

Sometimes long hours are involved, but for this industry, it is not too bad. This may be partially due to my role at the moment, I have seen people higher up such as producers who have had to take work home with them. The pay isn't fantastic, but compared to other places it isn't too bad.

Surprisingly for the media industry, the work/life balance is pretty good.

“A complete career change brought me to the BBC twenty years ago: I haven't ever regretted making the decision - it's great fun!”

Variety of activity and fantastic cross-section of people to meet and work with.

Excessive travel.

Complete mixture of background, age, attitude and opinions of colleagues - everyone of them worth listening to!

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The BBC is the world’s leading public service broadcaster. Funded primarily through the television licence fee, the BBC provides audiences in the UK with high quality and distinctive services across television, radio and online. In the UK the BBC provides 10 network television services, 10 network radio services, 46 radio services in the nations and regions of the UK, plus an extensive online presence. The BBC also delivers impartial news and information to audiences around the globe through the World Service. The BBC offers a wide range of careers in the areas of journalism, broadcasting, technology as well as corporate roles such as HR, legal, finance and administration.

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