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“Driven and dynamic”

Great team of fellow workers. You're expected to work hard and make your own way and support from mentors or line management is nominal. You get out what you put in, so this job really suits self-starters with the determination to pursue their own goals and who thrive on pressure. Good remuneration and bonus arrangements for those with the drive, dynamism stamina and flair to earn them. You'll also get to meet plenty of movers and shakers and make contacts with other firms that can really help you develop your brokerage career.

The pace of work is very demanding and never slackens. Sometimes, you end up working crazy hours. Senior leadership is locked in an endless power struggle and they'll try to draw you into it too, if you're not careful.

International reach of the company gives you plenty of opportunities to travel.

As a nationwide Network, we offer independent brokers a range of impeccably-led services that are proven to improve market presence and generate healthy profit. Because we deal with over 600 independent brokers we have the stamina to ensure your business succeeds. Our renowned reputation within the industry means we can negotiate enhanced commission rates with some of the UK’s leading insurers on your behalf. When you join Broker Network, you and your business will have immediate access to a range of enhanced insurance products and will quickly benefit from the professional and fully-comprehensive business support we offer. Our in-house compliance, HR and marketing personnel are here to help your brokerage function more efficiently – think of us as your very own ‘virtual’ head office