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6 Hewlett-Packard reviews 

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67% of employees recommend this company to their friends


“Great company, not particularly exciting”

Huge company means lots of opportunities to move internally and find your niche/speciality. I received lots of client exposure too which was particularly rewarding. Good sense of comradeship among colleagues at my junior(ish) level

Didn't feel like there's a great deal of focus within the company - where it's going and what it's doing. This transmits to employees and I didn't really get the direction I was looking for from my managers either. Compensation was good but not grand, hence it felt like there was a lack of truly high calibre people throughout the company.

Able to work from home :-D

“Talented Technicians, Woeful Management. People at the top have no clue what's going on.”

Reasonable pay, though not stellar. Work from home.

Too many managers that have absolutely no power whatsoever. Requires 4 levels of management to sign off on a box of pencils. Constant threat of redundancy. No travel allowed. No training.

The idea that problems can be solved by adding more and more layers of management. If techies are struggling just add more managers to shout at the techies NO YOU DIMWITS! add more techies!

“Bill & Dave turning in their graves”

Work from home

Poor leadereship, too many mangers and directors. Managers/Directors pay is a disgrace!

Never learns from its mistakes

“Awesome, Technology leaders in our segment”

Technology leadership, total freedom

The expenses system

“Went down the pan the day compaq took over, no wait hp brought compaq but it didnt seem that way!”

still thinking

trying your best but never been more then just a number.

Explaining to people you don't work for a sauce company

“Opportunities but not as many as there should be in a Company this size”

Looks great on your CV, the opportunity to work with other major organizations, in a World Leading IT Company. Lots of opportunities for career development and training, if only there were any headroom from the day-job to actually pursue them!

Too much work, not enough people and a view that reducing people will improve the Company performance. New business seems to be being won, however rather than building skills and people, the plan seems to be reduce people and spread them ever thinner over more businesses! I came into HP on a good wage, which is lucky as I have had no pay award in 4 years, others on lower wages will never reach market salaries in the absence of any pay awards.

Disconnect between strategies and the thinking behind how to achieve the strategies. Stock Market forces are driving a behaviour which is non-sustainable, staff morale in the UK is low and going to get worse.

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At HP, we don't just believe in the power of technology, we believe in the power of people when technology works for you. We believe in applying new thinking and ideas to improve the way our customers live and work. If you are going to do something, Make it Matter.

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