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22% of employees recommend this company to their friends


“Good place to work, lots of opportunity”

Graduate scheme is well remunerated Training and development is decent You can move around into other areas of the firm

The pace of technological development is so great now that the business really needs to up its game in terms of introducing a change culture. Some staff are very impervious to fresh perspectives and ideas. More fresh blood in the company is needed. Didn't like the fact that even though I did well I didn't get the associated bonus because this was linked to my unit's performance and the unit overall didn't do so great

The AD's either need more power or to go – what's the point of having a director's label if you can't actually make a difference!

“Decent working experience”

For a health and safety job, interserve does quite well, on almost all counts - in terms of stress level, the work atmosphere, the kind of people you interact with, and the management - Interserve is above the industry average, and its a good place to work if youre interested in this industry.

The salary is not so great though, and overall job satisfaction can fall over time, given the low salary and often unbelievably long hours.

The company needs to worry a lot more about employee satisfaction, they have the base in place, but fail to notice that every employee gets very dissatisfied over time.

“Poor management”

other employees

lack of management skills from senior management poor pay structure ,17 different pays in one company charge nissan for workers that are not even on site then blame supervisors when things go wrong.

17 different pay structures with all parts of company getting different shift allowances , bad management can't or won't even supply coveralls suitable for jobs but expect toolbox talks signed saying ppe provided and needed to be worn



have worked for interserve for 2 years now, they have never got my pay right, my manager does every thing she can, put people in pay roll must be thick, supervisors have no manas what so ever they think they can talk to you like your a of S----, being on sick for a month now got letter saying would be sacked if dont come back what the hell!, did you know that nsh sites are going left un cleaned if cleaner is off sick



dont pay you right, speck to you like s--- , talk about you behind your back, supervisors talk about you to other people. all in all not a very nice place to work for

nsh sites dont get cleaned proberley never have done since interserve have taken us over

“Poor man management with little regard for keeping the team either informed or for consultation prior to any changes in the day to day working”

Sorry, but at my site very little.

Having to fight to get your correct pay. Administration is woefull & inadequate

Lack of leadership

“Some of Interserves road contract workers are verbally aggressive and rude.”

Leaving at the end of the day

Some of Interserves road contract workers are verbally aggressive and rude. I have seem them verbally abuse car drivers and make rude derogatory gestures. They lack manners and need to learn basic respect.

Some of Interserves road contact workers are verbally aggressive and rude. I have seem them verbally abuse car drivers and make rude derogatory gestures. They lack manners and need to learn basic respect.

“too many chiefs”


terrible payroll dept

14 supervisors in 5 years says it all

“worst supervisor ever”

a chance to work with many good and hard working colleagues

lazy and horrible supervisor together with another lady cleaner, who is in good relation with one of the depot managers, almost does nothing but holding a cup of coffee and hanging around the depot.

when the horrible supervisor treats us fairly is the most unsual thing.

“Bad supervisor at Ealing common depot”

Happy working when supervisor is off.

She never admits a mistake, naver praises or encourages, lacks personal accountability, thinks only about short term results. Unrealistic, bad attitude, being not trustworthy, lazy, unfair judgement and always saying she's right.

When she is in good mood is the most unusual.

“If you like workplace bullying this is the perfect place to work !”

Making friends with colleagues working with learners

Bullying, lack of support, not listening to you and training

Lack of support no appreciation for the long hours worked

“Bad dishonest management told lies from day one”

Work mates good bunch of people trying to make a wage

Not been told the truth and not been fairly treated

Been told that the uk is not in Europe so European law does not count

“Potential great but let down by management”

Brand leader - massive organisation

Poor management structures - top heavy - lacking integrity - poor communications

How it can get so much right, yet so much wrong.

“Poor company”

Home time!

Very poorly managed. Senior management had no clue new managers bought in who changed the rules on a daily basis and never for the better. Possibly one of the worst companies I had the misfortune of working for!

People never get paid correctly.

“Interserve shocking but place I work is lovely.”

Is the place I work not Interserve 😏.

No thanks, no reply to calls, unless they can’t get cover and they never do, So come back to days of mess. Never a Christmas thank you, The company I clean for do that, so thank you to them, it means so much.

Getting your foot in the door to other jobs and opertunates. As Interserve don’t give a hoot, and my boss! God knows how she got the job as she doesn’t know how to answer a phone, rude and no people skills.🤔


once you join Interserve your in, you have to do something really wrong t0 be sacked

high management can bend rules to suit them when they want, one rule for lower one for higher. my manager is a bully to woman beware girls ..............

they only give a shit when the shit hits the fan not before, also pay when you have been underpaid they don't care but when you have been overpaid they are so hot on getting it back

“They try but Management havent got a clue, they have the positions but lack the skills to be able to lead in a professional manner.”

My work colleagues are a really bonus, met some wonderful people

Bad organisation who cant manage proceses well, its organised chaos, not enough staff to do the work, putting so much pressure on the people doing the jobs its just not fair.

They employ a lot fo friends & family everyone knows someone, this is not healthy.

“Most dreadful place to work, staff are upset and scared to voice there concerns just looks good on the outside”

Nothing at all, they have had staff walk out in tears and traumatised with the poor management that treat staff as beneath them. No respect at all

I’ve witnessed staff treated awfully, spoken down to and put under pressure, mental health is not considered, I’ve seen staff bullied by poor management, awful company to work for

Management have poor skills and staff are given no respect, you can complain high up the chain and the bullying continues, no GDPR training or health and safety. If the managers like you that’s great as long as you buy them goodies. I would never recommend this company as it left me awfully disturbed and staff have walked out as managers bully them. So many staff leave crying worst management, no one will step in and stop this awful disrespectful way of treating staff

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Interserve is one of the world's foremost support services and construction companies, operating in the public and private sectors in the UK and internationally. UK based and listed in the FTSE 250 index with gross revenue of £2.3 billion and a workforce of over 50,000 people worldwide. Interserve's vision is to redefine the future for people and places. We offer advice, design, construction, equipment and facilities management services for society's infrastructure.

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