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“Great being an employee here”

The company offers great benefits, and treats their employees very well. It is a very productive and supportive working environment. Jaeger encourages a positive and co-operative work place atmosphere, they retain their best and most loyal staff and reward them with great packages.

There is a staff uniform, which is a little silly for what is otherwise a very casual company. Company currently going through a change of ownership, so things are slightly uncertain.

Great benefits, good rewards for loyalty and great workplace atmosphere

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Jaeger is a world class, contemporary British fashion and lifestyle brand with a rich history and dynamic future built on womenswear, menswear and accessories. Established in 1884, Jaeger was built around the benefits of wearing natural fibres such as, merino wool, alpaca, camel hair and cashmere; fabrics that hove become synonymous with the brand today. Our heritage of natural fibres, luxury fabrics, unique graphics, cut, fit and design are always memorable and distinctive. For over 125 years, Jaeger has epitomised classic British style.