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5 National Trust reviews 

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60% of employees recommend this company to their friends


“Can be a great experience”

It is a great company that is looking to share its values with its employees. The company looks after you as far as the pay, the benefits and the personal developments are concerned. There's a great atmosphere and people are lovely. Generally, everyone is optimistic and inspiring and it is a pleasure to go to work.

They seem to be scared of change and don't listen to ideas for the company's development. They work in their own corner and don't let people get involved which can be depressing as one doesn't feel valued.

Human contact is key in this job

“Old school and nothing ever changes”

The shared experience is something to be valued. People are lovely and you feel like you are part of something of an institution. Both customers and staff value your hard work.

There are no opportunity to work your way up as there doesn't seem to be anywhere to go. Management don't listen to ideas and seem happy for the company to stay the way it is when it could do with changes to replace the old-fashioned ways. The company needs yound and enthusiastic people.

You get free entry to any place owned by National Trust in the whole country. If you are into culture and history, it is a big Yes!

“Fair job for short-term”

The company is very fair towards its employees. You'll never be expected to work more than you should do and if you do work more, you'll be paid for the exact time you did. You get paid more than you would expect for that king of job and management is sweet and supportive. They are very flexible and the benefits package is good.

It is good for a short-term job but not for any longer. You get days off but might be required to work on sundays for example so it doesn't help the work/life balance.

It is a better job that could have been expected

“Poor Management, Low Pay, Unsupportive, No team spirit”

Getting a day off

Management has no clue how to manage, individuals are hell bent on making your life a misery if your face doesn’t fit and the working atmosphere in the house I was at just stank of bullying!!! The worse part is that you have to have worked for them for two years and have joined the union if you want to put a case forward. The work I did (prior to being unfairly dismissed) was never right for my manager and she had it in for me the very first day I stepped through the door!!!!

Heritage seems to bring out the worst in individuals. On the outside all looks fine and rosy, however through my experiences there are some awful tactics at play if your face doesn’t fit or if you have too many bright ideas.

“Lucky dip on redundancy”

Being outdoors

The management and directors, not sure how they are choosing who is going to be made redundant and no clear updates about how long on furlough. Other staff members are playing games and doing grass cutting when it’s not their job or location of work as they are a key rep. Don’t work for them as people are not at the heart

Furlough= forgotten

We all have a place we love. A place that inspires us. A place with its own unique and particular atmosphere. We were created to help people make the most of these very special places - and the good things that come from them. We're independent of Government and receive no direct grant or subsidy for our core work. Instead, our future depends on the active support and generosity of 3.8 million members, 15 million visitors, more than 61,000 volunteers and over 5,500 people who work with us (as well as thousands who help us seasonally), as well as benefactors, tenants and other partners. Today, we're Europe's largest conservation organisation, with huge - and incredibly varied - responsibilities. We protect and welcome everyone to explore and enjoy some 709 miles of coastline, 250,000 hectares of land of outstanding natural beauty, 104 nature reserves, 6 World Heritage Sites and much, much more besides. We want every one of our visitors to enjoy these amazing places and have an experience they'll never forget. We want them to try something they've never tried before, to gain a unique glimpse into the past and, ultimately, to love these special places as much as we do. To find out more about how to become a part of this have a look at www.nationaltrustjobs.org.uk